Alex Zverev STUNS Rafa Nadal in Madrid!

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  • Bratin Basu
    Bratin BasuMaand geleden

    Another best performance of Sascha Zverev on clay, after final in 2018 against Novak.

  • Daniel Hilton
    Daniel HiltonMaand geleden

    Welcome to the end, Nadal - you piece of S.

  • Bharat Tupe
    Bharat TupeMaand geleden

    Dear Rafa you pratice fast serve

  • ja viski
    ja viskiMaand geleden

    I think rafa is finito, no more grandslams for him.

  • Phantom
    PhantomMaand geleden

    Nadal didn’t hit the ball past the service line near the end

  • Triten
    TritenMaand geleden

    I havent watched much tennis since 2019 but its good to see this channel still doesn't post that many highlights :) (Sarcasm btw)

  • sln78
    sln78Maand geleden

    To beat rafa in the French open is going to be a challenge still. Cant be written off.

  • Sreeram Reddy
    Sreeram ReddyMaand geleden

    nadal has not been favourite for french open for last 4-5 years.

  • TheOddball7
    TheOddball7Maand geleden

    He did it, he finally put himself on there

  • iam rips
    iam ripsMaand geleden

    Just 7 months back rafa won FO destroying everyone and now people are saying his days are over. 😂😂😂😂 He will definitely win FO . Mark my words. Frame my words in your bedroom 😎

  • max 986
    max 986Maand geleden

    What soderling did in 2010 to nadal, no one can win over nadal like that !!!!

  • Mediaphile
    MediaphileMaand geleden

    Nadal is back at number 3 and may miss out on top 2 seeding at the FO. I think he deserves the top seeding given his record.

  • Mediaphile


    Maand geleden

    @Daniel Hilton Lol ... Not a Nadal fan?

  • Daniel Hilton

    Daniel Hilton

    Maand geleden


  • Tom Cooper
    Tom CooperMaand geleden

    If Nadal ever gets a tough draw at RG...Thiem, Berrettini, Zverev...fugedaboudit!

  • Maxi Pazz
    Maxi PazzMaand geleden

    Nadal usually loses matches like this before RG bahahaha, let’s see these wannabes do it there where it really counts

  • Maxi Pazz
    Maxi PazzMaand geleden

    The perennial underachiever strikes again.....

  • Blossom Chinaka
    Blossom ChinakaMaand geleden

    I love you Zverev! Well done! :)

  • Dan S
    Dan SMaand geleden

    Nadal losing hair is like Samson, less hair, less power. He may look like Agassi in 3 years.

  • Nguyen Chanh
    Nguyen ChanhMaand geleden


  • Patrizia Giardina
    Patrizia GiardinaMaand geleden

    Nadal is the best

  • JDee
    JDeeMaand geleden

    Damn it. Do this to him in Paris in 2 weeks.

  • Jace Boda
    Jace BodaMaand geleden

    Worst highlights.

  • Maxime
    MaximeMaand geleden

    Fact : No sleeve shirt makes you Play 40%better on clay.

  • Bojan Bojanic
    Bojan BojanicMaand geleden

    Russian blood

  • Jessy Johaug
    Jessy JohaugMaand geleden

    He just crushed Nadal and Thiem, the 2 best players on clay. Congratulations. When he plays like this he is very hard to beat.

  • Kanny S
    Kanny SMaand geleden

    Wow this makes things so interesting for French Open. Everyone in Top 10 has beaten Nadal on clay now except Medvedev who anyways hates clay and Berrettini !

  • Stocky Guru

    Stocky Guru

    Maand geleden

    Come Rolland garros it’s not gonna matter lol nadal still favourite

  • JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
    JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training ProgramsMaand geleden

    I think he can finally put himself up there! 😂🙏🏻

  • Varun Shah VO-TV
    Varun Shah VO-TVMaand geleden

    Crowd : cheers Covid : Am I a joke to you

  • Daniel Hilton

    Daniel Hilton

    Maand geleden

    shut up

  • writer684
    writer684Maand geleden

    Slowly, little by little the legends are loosing ground

  • Hung Than
    Hung ThanMaand geleden

    that last serve's bounce though

  • Surendar V
    Surendar VMaand geleden

    Nadal is finished.

  • Gawrike Hettiarachchi
    Gawrike HettiarachchiMaand geleden

    Zverev looks to be in frightening form at the moment..... indeed a strong contender for the title

  • Tina Martin
    Tina MartinMaand geleden

    Zverev is also playing doubles in Madrid?? Does he play two games every day??

  • Tonkara To
    Tonkara ToMaand geleden

    Zverev you Made my day ;)

  • fang. Clarke c
    fang. Clarke cMaand geleden

    He did what players can't do to Nadal. Beat him when his at his best. Win against Thiem, and he'd have to be huge favourite for the french.

  • General Shockwave Kingpin
    General Shockwave KingpinMaand geleden

    No matter how Nadal performs in Rome, he will be ready for Roland Garros 2021. I do not underestimate him.

  • Marko Obradovic
    Marko ObradovicMaand geleden

    Nadal prime has gone.And that is normal.These guys are pushing hard on his doors, on his court, in his kingdom.It is time that someone else takes RG crown.Will it be Tsitsipas, or Zverev, maybe sleeping GS winner Thiem, we will see.Another guy is also there, in the shadows and mistery.After Rome we will trully decide whether he is focused or not.

  • Mark Crisp
    Mark CrispMaand geleden

    Bit worrying for Rafa. He has not played well in any tournament yet. So many errors. Eventually it will this it? See how he does at Rome. If he loses again I can't see him winning the F.O.

  • Nadisk
    NadiskMaand geleden

    Nadal Is a legend anda Zverev Is good now

  • Donald Njokanma
    Donald NjokanmaMaand geleden

    Well Well Ronald Garros might be interesting this year

  • June Foote
    June FooteMaand geleden

    Well done Alexander. Best wishes for the next match and you are definitely capable of beating Dominic. God Blessxx

  • diffbreak
    diffbreakMaand geleden

    The question is whether Rafa is saving his reserves for the French Open. He is a different beast in Paris but yes, time is running out on him.

  • 707ladytee
    707ladyteeMaand geleden

    I love these "separate" videos 😏 I guess this encounter deserves the honor. Some uncharacteristic errors from Nadal cost him. Wasn't his day; however a solid match from Zverev. Sascha shouldn't talk about ppls houses; he was kicked out of his a week ago.

  • Andrew
    AndrewMaand geleden

    Nadal looked unsettled and didnt play to his usual rhythm. He wasnt dominant in the earlier rounds either - need more match play to peak in RG. Thiem still not back to his high level yet - a win by Zverev looks very likely.

  • Hesham Elzorba
    Hesham ElzorbaMaand geleden

    The winner from zverev and Dominic match will be Madrid champion I think that

  • William Yeoh
    William YeohMaand geleden

    Whoever beat King of Clay, Nadal is a big thing. Another tough match for Zverev against another Clay court specialist in Thiem. Either one will be exhausted against Berrettini in final

  • Sandip RS
    Sandip RSMaand geleden

    Beating Nadal in his full flow on clay is not everyone's cup of tea. Well done Zrerev. 👌👌

  • Khepri
    KhepriMaand geleden

    Zverev looks more muscular

  • Falcon Rider
    Falcon RiderMaand geleden

    Dont worry.Nadal will still win in Roland Garros.He has had abysmal pre Roland Garros runs in the past yet he still won roland garros.

  • Rick Lee
    Rick LeeMaand geleden

    Zverev didn't STUN Nadal, he beat him fair and square like he did the two previous times. It's about time the old man stays at home to tend his garden and look after his lovely wife.

  • Frank de la Puente
    Frank de la PuenteMaand geleden

    5/7/2021 Why do you tell us who won? What enjoyment is there in watching a contest where we already know who won? And who cares about who won? And please, Don’t ask us to subscribe.

  • Jason Broady
    Jason BroadyMaand geleden

    This is the zverev everyone thought was gonna take over post big 3 Ik Nadal wasn't at his best but physically zverev is so agile for a 6'6 player and with a solid serve he had an answer everytime Nadal tested him. Also he racked all 3 of his master's at like 18/19 that we expected so much from him. Since then he's only holding himself back with his mentality. Admitidly he was the only player to test djokovic at AO 2021 and pressure him. Feels like he has been around for so long yet he's only 24.

  • R Pulido
    R PulidoMaand geleden

    Where are the Nadal lovers??

  • R Pulido

    R Pulido

    Maand geleden

    What are the excuses now?

  • Azenith 95
    Azenith 95Maand geleden

    Good .. tired seeing ass picking win all the time

  • Ali Sattar
    Ali SattarMaand geleden

    Rafa you need to retire soon because you can't even win a set against a player from the top 10!. This is won't happen and goes easily especially when you're Rafa Nadal!. As Roger said one time, I hope someone can play in this level after 35. Now Rafa is not that player who can apply this. #Rafa_Fan

  • شبح
    شبحMaand geleden

    Nadal is truly DONE on all surfaces

  • JTM Here
    JTM HereMaand geleden

    Well, it’s good to see that tennis tv has gone back to spoiling matches in the thumbnail

  • Bear man
    Bear manMaand geleden

    Le ganó por agotamiento.

  • Semidiós


    Maand geleden

    Brillante análisis.😁😁😂

  • Ivan Palaca
    Ivan PalacaMaand geleden

    Some signs that rafa will lose roland garros 😂😂

  • Вадим Попов
    Вадим ПоповMaand geleden

    Если бы это было на френч опен, а так Рафыч просто тренируется,готовится.

  • Stephen McGrail
    Stephen McGrailMaand geleden

    Zverev's height really helps him deal with the bounce and spin that Nadal generates (especially on his forehand). Looking forward to Zverev vs Theiem

  • Fig Watkins
    Fig WatkinsMaand geleden

    Please, anyone but Nadal for the French this year. I’m so bored of him winning it.

  • Xam Dadada
    Xam DadadaMaand geleden

    I watched 2nd set , all congrats to Zverev but Nadal was far from his best ...

  • David L
    David LMaand geleden

    Well His Human After all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RDy Navi
    RDy NaviMaand geleden

    When the days of the legends ended.

  • Thomas Rebotier
    Thomas RebotierMaand geleden

    Worst highlights in history. Way worst than RG's or AO's, because: (1) you give away the result in the video title, SPOILER to any and all other videos I might want to watch about this match, (2) we don't see anything of HOW Sasha beat Rafa, the highlights show a point at 4/2 nadal first set and then jump to a point where the first set went to zverev 6/4 and then the match point. So, highlights made of 3 irrelevant points, major spoiler, two minutes of which only half is play time. PLEASE...

  • Vanessa Camilleri
    Vanessa CamilleriMaand geleden

    When Nadal pulled the late challenge call, I lost the love. Saying that, karma's a bitch🤦

  • Theorem
    TheoremMaand geleden

    best backhand in atp tour. he isn't my favourite but he's a top player. My favourite players are Shapovalov Humbert Raonic Sinner Musetti Federer Rafa (only on clay) Murray bublik tiafoe Stanimal Dimitrov and the Lion Aslan karatsev

  • Nishanth Shah
    Nishanth ShahMaand geleden

    Zverev still has faced no consequences for abusing his ex-girlfriend

  • Chief Scheider

    Chief Scheider

    Maand geleden

    *Allegedly* abusing his ex-gf. He has denied the allegations and hasn't been charged. No one should face consequences over allegations.

  • Chuks Tristan
    Chuks TristanMaand geleden

    Its Saturday morning and no highlights for Day 6 yet? Interesting...

  • Buke Aor
    Buke AorMaand geleden

    Zverev, Zverev he pulls a win when you least expect it ! I did not see this one coming ! But it’s sports ! What a Segway into Roland Garros! Rafa take a break ! We need the big guns shortly ! Well I’m a bit fan of both , but Rafa is my main 🎾 man ! So it’s all good ! Zverev played well !

  • drkvenger
    drkvengerMaand geleden

    Big question for Rolland Garros final - Djoker v Nadal, Sasha v Nadal, Thiem v Nadal or Sasha v Thiem?

  • Jules Floquet-Chenut
    Jules Floquet-ChenutMaand geleden


  • Jake Huang
    Jake HuangMaand geleden

    I think Zverev's height gives him a distinctive advantage against Nadal because it prevents Nadal from getting an edge on his high-bouncing balls on clay. Not to say Zverev didn't play very well here as well

  • Chris Bernardo
    Chris BernardoMaand geleden

    Just a full on spoiler in the thumbnail. Cool.

    TOTTIGAMES -Maand geleden

    Nadal not at his level

  • Georg Hegel

    Georg Hegel

    Maand geleden

    He still isn't, which is common in Madrid. We'll see in Rome if he has a good fitness to get to French Open.

  • AntBall77
    AntBall77Maand geleden

    Nadal might have some problems at the French a lot of guys trying to push through

  • ruggierojerolli
    ruggierojerolliMaand geleden

    5 points is not even a summary

  • Joe Kung
    Joe KungMaand geleden

    Its about time, and time's up, Isn't it?!,... 😅🤣😂😎👏

  • Daniel Martín Peña
    Daniel Martín PeñaMaand geleden

    No worries, wait for Rafa in Roland Garros

  • Daniel Martín Peña

    Daniel Martín Peña

    Maand geleden

    @Daniel Hilton13th of June

  • Daniel Hilton

    Daniel Hilton

    Maand geleden

    No worries. He's getting older and can't win forever, fanboy.

  • robert f
    robert fMaand geleden

    Still can’t understand how he lost the US Open up two sets...

  • YourAverageGreg
    YourAverageGregMaand geleden

    Dude im begging you guys to stop putting suggested videos every 5 seconds, i’m watching on my phone and would like to be able to see the top of my screen during rallies.

  • Michał
    MichałMaand geleden

    Weird, Nadal hit like half of the speed he usually does. Had to check if the video was played at x1 speed lol. Something's not okay with him, either age, exhaustion or maybe physical issue. It doesn't look like Nadal on clay.

  • Booster6969
    Booster6969Maand geleden

    Looks like they are tapping the ball with the angle from behind the baseline

  • Krishnasai Chalasani
    Krishnasai ChalasaniMaand geleden

    1:06 Nadal stood so far back to return Zverev's serve that I thought to myself who was Zverev serving to cuz I literally couldn't see Nadal at first

  • Merkur 2
    Merkur 2Maand geleden


  • Ordinary Guy
    Ordinary GuyMaand geleden

    Nadal was "out of sorts today" because Zverev was too good for him today.

  • Frank G.
    Frank G.Maand geleden

    Well done Zverev, it's a shame you will be beaten badly by Thiem in semi! Muahahahahahahhahahahahhahahah!!!

  • Ron Jotner
    Ron JotnerMaand geleden

    Yes, Sacha needs to lift that trophy just for beating Rafa...

  • Daniel Valenzuela Lobos
    Daniel Valenzuela LobosMaand geleden

    Dónde podría encontrar un resumen decente del partido? .... parece que era más importante lo que Sacha diría de Nadal.

  • Georg Hegel

    Georg Hegel

    Maand geleden

  • Andrew Romero
    Andrew RomeroMaand geleden

    This was the upset of the tournament and we only get 2 minutes of highlights?!?

  • EL L
    EL LMaand geleden

    Excellent. Have never been a Rafa fan, since he said that he finds believing in God difficult. "Nothing created Everything" is distinctively nuts. There are new talented players from so many countries, Italy, Greece, even Georgia, but few from America, with all due respect to Korda. Maybe the bigwigs at the USTA should resign and stop obsessing with nonsense like BLM.

  • Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson

    Maand geleden

    Exactly, me too- as a believer, I can't see why you can't show a bit of gratitude to God, or a higher power, for giving your life, and ability to win so much, on your home soil, to disregard, and claim total credit for your wins, is disrespectful to the staunch believers, or even believers who are finding their faith, this is why I would always respect Federer more, and even Novak for his belief, even though he is arrogant like hell.

  • Warrant of Arrest
    Warrant of ArrestMaand geleden

    Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Alexander - you are so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chandrakant Halgali
    Chandrakant HalgaliMaand geleden

    Stunning indeed, well played Shacha !

  • JC Simonassi
    JC SimonassiMaand geleden

    Makes me sad watch Nadal not 100%. To is it clear that Rafa have some physical problem. Since last match😢

  • Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson

    Maand geleden

    Nadal's fat ego got too much for him, also not believing in God, which clearly worked against him here, you can only pull wool over the Creator for so long, before he works against you.

  • Chris Gamboa
    Chris GamboaMaand geleden

    Come on Rafa, you got this next time.

  • vivahernando1
    vivahernando1Maand geleden

    I hope Zverev wins the tournament ... I hate when a player beats the big3 then doesn't win the event. Plus if he plays Nadal in RG it could be interesting

  • Karney Hatch
    Karney HatchMaand geleden

    Nothing stunning about this, bad headline. Zverez is a top player, it's only stunning when someone out of the top 20 does it.

  • Pablo
    PabloMaand geleden

    The end of Nadal reign

  • Pablo


    Maand geleden

    @vivahernando1 he has a too weak service

  • vivahernando1


    Maand geleden

    Yeah unless he wins in Rome I don't think he wins RG this year. His level has not been high

  • steve jones
    steve jonesMaand geleden

    Told everyone rafa serve has gone to shit he won't win Roland garros this year

  • Navaro Juro
    Navaro JuroMaand geleden

    time passes, old leaves fall and the new ones grow, new generations come and the old ones slowly disappear.....