AFTER THE ACCIDENT | Ep 3 | Don't Try This At Home

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Directed by NERF

Produced by Nev

Filmed by Oscar Alva \u0026 Kyle Carper

Edited by Eugene Weis \u0026 Oscar Alva


  • Mathias
    MathiasDag geleden

    Damn dr Todd is a real one

  • Zak Albi
    Zak AlbiDag geleden

    Wtf dr todd is a boss haha

  • Ruhi Jose
    Ruhi JoseDag geleden

    7:28 that fear in his face just broke me

  • Narges Taeri
    Narges TaeriDag geleden

    11.53 i cried. You are so strong jeff. I undrestood your feelings. Thank you for sharing them. I am really inspired by you

  • Cheyy Hutchins
    Cheyy HutchinsDag geleden

    Im kinfa sad theres so much scensors ….

  • Krystal Rose
    Krystal Rose2 dagen geleden

    im not saying that i don't feel bad for jeff. but i mean, jeff is literally 30 years old. it's obvious that what david was doing was dangerous already but jeff wanted to do it anyways?? he knew he was gonna be swinging around the way corinna was, and that's that corinna was already scared and wanted to get off. so where's the common sense??

  • Chloe Lawrence
    Chloe Lawrence2 dagen geleden

    Casey is the friend everyone needs

  • A.J. Gallegos
    A.J. Gallegos2 dagen geleden

    Damn bro when that idiot rammed into you i really felt for you. Man you need to realize the message in life from all of this. Life is not about posting videos and trying to push things constantly, if you dont slow down on your own, life will force a slow down! Stop pushing the past to come back. Embrace the maturity life is giving you. Its wierd at first after trauma, but it feels amazing when you heal this and grow. You will learn to love this new you and remember the old you with a smile on your face. I feel where you are at, the moment of realization of who is who and the people that surround you.

  • Somia876 Akter linda745**
    Somia876 Akter linda745**2 dagen geleden

    The nosy manager splenomegaly head because turkish wailly fence qua a seemly fridge. secretive, languid children

  • Garrett Doyle
    Garrett Doyle3 dagen geleden

    Hell ya jeff your a fucking soldier

  • Karm Dhillon
    Karm Dhillon3 dagen geleden

    Jeff I’m sorry to hear that but everyone thinks it’s Botox but I don’t think a that just when you go to the doctor again take everyone with you who where there and the guy who was driving it if this makes you happy my dads right leg got run over in India 🇮🇳 he was made it he got so Mitch stiches because of the injury I hope it makes you feel better

  • Hedgehog Boi
    Hedgehog Boi4 dagen geleden

    This is the first time i see Susie being serious and not laughing

  • courtney
    courtney6 dagen geleden

    If I was Jeff I'd hate David, like you almost died. You've been through so much Jeff you're strong it's so admirable

  • RVRB
    RVRB6 dagen geleden

    I used to like David...

  • Skylar Suzanne
    Skylar Suzanne7 dagen geleden

    I’d press charges

  • Sish kabob
    Sish kabob7 dagen geleden

    david doesnt even look sorry at the end he looks kinda annoyed

  • Cody Corum
    Cody Corum8 dagen geleden

    Oh my God jeff i DID NOT know that it was this bad, its a miracle youre even alive man HOLY FUCK

  • Crypto Jack
    Crypto Jack8 dagen geleden

    I never liked that david guy. One of these days David will get what he deserves

  • Rmn Blink
    Rmn Blink8 dagen geleden

    Dude DAVID is just a horrible kid here.. way worse than I think he is... He is even laughing at that situation.. how does laugh come out from him at that situation???

  • Unotic Sdc
    Unotic Sdc9 dagen geleden

    I broke my face when I was 13

  • Unotic Sdc
    Unotic Sdc9 dagen geleden

    I feel ur pain

  • BiztosAngol
    BiztosAngol9 dagen geleden

    It’s all’s fault. Playing with the fire can lead to things like this

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly Jackson9 dagen geleden

    Imagine if it was Corrina. Wild.

  • S R
    S R9 dagen geleden

    This kind of reminds me of the Netflix show “Who Killed Sara”

  • Christina Horcajo
    Christina Horcajo9 dagen geleden

    david straight new your were gonna hit he starts to scream holy shit holy shit when he realized he fucked up but he was about to get some serious views. Bro u need to realize your nothing but a MONETARY moment to this guy bro.

  • Devendra singh
    Devendra singh9 dagen geleden

    After watching part 2 I might start hating david

  • Sammy Hakim
    Sammy Hakim9 dagen geleden

    Why is everyone so sensitive now. David didn’t do shit yeah it was immature but i swear you guys just look for any reason to hate or “cancel” people.

  • Eddie's Gaming
    Eddie's Gaming10 dagen geleden

    jeff is too hot to die

  • Lexy Pinchi
    Lexy Pinchi10 dagen geleden

    rated r videos be like i broke my eye

  • J O
    J O10 dagen geleden

    Bunch of idios

  • BybeeBunnie
    BybeeBunnie11 dagen geleden

    Casey was there more for Jeff after the accident than David was 🤬 He needed to have a heart to heart with David as well, but this asshole just ghosted him for a month.

  • A P
    A P11 dagen geleden

    bro this is like blood curdling. idk how he could stay friends with him. this whole story gives me CHILLS

  • y 67
    y 6711 dagen geleden

    Brother Jeff ur ass is strong and ur the best member of the squad 😊

  • Brenda Lee
    Brenda Lee11 dagen geleden

    6:55 TikTok Girl's Sister 💀💀💀

  • SoggyPancakes24
    SoggyPancakes2411 dagen geleden

    Psycho people say “wElL dAvId pAiD fOr hIs hOsPitAl biLls” and “what else should he do” David shouldn’t have done it. He’s not a professional crane worker, he shouldn’t have done it, especially that fast

  • Videsh N.

    Videsh N.

    10 dagen geleden

    Yeah I agree with you like why tf is he operating a crane. But honestly Im putting some blame on jeff for actually doing it cause they all know David isn't a crane operator and especially something like that it should've been expected for stuff to go bad. David takes things way too far and other people suffer for it.

  • Tiffany Marzouq
    Tiffany Marzouq11 dagen geleden

    This will help guide you towards your purpose in life kind of like how Casey said! Shit happens for some weird reasons but in the end it makes sense. You look even cooler now

  • Maylyn Tomasino
    Maylyn Tomasino11 dagen geleden

    He left off David too easy. But it’s Jeff’s choice of process so 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • bows to bass
    bows to bass12 dagen geleden

    Those of yall acting like he was doing all of this for free, it's a job.. its a risk.. u take the risk you get paid.. THE END that's the motivation.. no one forced him. Pussies.

  • Tommie
    Tommie12 dagen geleden

    I'd just like to say, How awesome was that Doctor! Also Casey Neistay's words👏👏👏💗

  • Lori Martinez
    Lori Martinez12 dagen geleden

    David still says the stupidest shit

  • do bunny
    do bunny13 dagen geleden

    yea yea its sweet. no he needed to pay for his hospital bills he put jeff outside of death's door.

    JACOB MARTINEZ13 dagen geleden

    dam bro I'm so sorry that you went thru that fuck the people that thinks that you fat fuck you haters don't forget that you r a good and hot looking guy keep up the good work you can do this

  • ajai delaney
    ajai delaney13 dagen geleden

    Glad yah made it buddy

  • Sonic Cruz
    Sonic Cruz13 dagen geleden

    I’d fuck up David if that happened to me But you wanted to be a crash dummy 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • angelmonkeymcgee
    angelmonkeymcgee13 dagen geleden

    I'm glad you liked your Doctor and that he "put your face back together". It's such a pretty face. 🥰

  • Betty Pickle
    Betty Pickle13 dagen geleden

    Accident happen forgiveness isn't a gift to receive its a gift to yourself to be free of bondage of anger...

  • Christopher Terzakos
    Christopher Terzakos14 dagen geleden

    I don't think David's a bad guy from what I've seen but he needs to grow up

  • Ashley Gault
    Ashley Gault14 dagen geleden

    He better just be a good human being after this. Stop the bs.

  • Archido
    Archido15 dagen geleden

    FUN FACTS: in David dobrik videos David never get hurt

  • Mad Rush
    Mad Rush15 dagen geleden

    They're both total morons. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Enjoy severe chronic pain for the rest of your life.

  • Lukas Dybvik Bangstad
    Lukas Dybvik Bangstad16 dagen geleden

    C’mon, dont hate on David. It wasnt on purpose and he was imbarised, one of my friends pushed me down 22 feet and nearly killed me, it wasnt on purpose, but i forgaper him and so did David to Jeff

  • Jamie York
    Jamie York17 dagen geleden

    Glad you are alive

  • ScottFree 702
    ScottFree 70217 dagen geleden

    I thought you broke your hip too? I was on crutches for 8-weeks with a fractured hip, not fun. The price you pay for fame with David.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Misfit01
    Misfit0117 dagen geleden

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  • MVito
    MVito18 dagen geleden

    10M easy if you sue..

  • cynthia hernandez
    cynthia hernandez18 dagen geleden

    Who the hell is David dobriv

  • NotGhost24
    NotGhost2418 dagen geleden

    dude i feel so bad

  • Amanda Myers
    Amanda Myers18 dagen geleden

    I’m a strong believer in there being a reasoning behind everything in life, good or bad. I know you probably feel you’re at your lowest, but you’re going to come out on top and you’re going to gain something great from all this pain. Chin up and keep on keepin’ on, just watch. You’re still the fucking man ✌🏼💛

  • Amanda Myers
    Amanda Myers18 dagen geleden

    When that doctor gave that inspiring little speech, I lovedddd that. Wishing you a speedy recovery we are all so thankful you are alive 😭💛💛💛

  • steph
    steph18 dagen geleden

    I don't know their voices, is that David who's filming him in the hospital? If so that's so gross to me idk. This whole thing is so upsetting, it makes sense for Jeff to have very complex feelings about David. It would be incredibly hard to process

  • Ilikecommenting


    15 dagen geleden

    It is David

  • Nicholas Grant
    Nicholas Grant18 dagen geleden

    Idk why people are blaming anyone. I mean shit happens yk The fact that they still keep humor about it and staying positive is good

  • Gracie Jaime
    Gracie Jaime18 dagen geleden

    I don’t get it he is the one that decided to do it he could have said no why ble it on someone else and David was at the hospital why is he saying David didn’t check on him

  • Seleti Fotu
    Seleti Fotu18 dagen geleden

    I still can't wrap my head around the speed at which he rotated the digger. I just can't fathom it. Like even the most idiotic of people would know that speed was beyond the point of too far.

  • Thaddeus Maximus
    Thaddeus Maximus18 dagen geleden

    Stop blurring everything

  • Ashley Bht
    Ashley Bht19 dagen geleden

    i found the family who blackmailed jeff after driving him to the hospital! their instagram accounts r @kpopee (Kelsey Pope), @diamondwindowcleaners (Jeff Pope), and @sunshine_winnie44 (Wendy Pope)

  • Shayla
    Shayla19 dagen geleden

    He was a grown assed man who decided that it was a good idea to be swung from a giant machine. Jeff agreed to do this. He also bears some responsibility for almost killing himself pulling a stupid stunt. The blame isn't all on David.

  • Witwicky
    Witwicky20 dagen geleden

    Next time put David in the prank.. and let's see what pain is and maybe than he will understand.

  • Dreamchaser
    Dreamchaser20 dagen geleden

    If I was Jeff I'd never associate with that man again

  • Johnny Applesneeze
    Johnny Applesneeze 20 dagen geleden

    so was that outro song made before or after the traumatic brain injury??

  • Dark Shiny
    Dark Shiny20 dagen geleden

    I mean I don’t feel bad for him after all the rapist allegation tbh

  • FreeJames 717
    FreeJames 71720 dagen geleden

    David is not a good friend

  • Geo Fett
    Geo Fett21 dag geleden

    David is a narcissist!!!!

  • GigaRex 800
    GigaRex 80021 dag geleden

    David is a nice guy but his irresponsible and doesn't think of stuff before he does it it's pretty much like giving a million dollars to a 7 year old(or Atleast when he want to or benefits him)and Jeff is wright nobody asked for this but it happened because of there irresponsibility and immaturity

  • lost child
    lost child21 dag geleden

    damn its crazy no one knew i didnt even think he got into a accident its crazy finding this out now and that david caused it there all in the wrong for it tho its not just davids fault even tho david looks like the bad guy in this n ow

  • Chunkiest Soup
    Chunkiest Soup22 dagen geleden

    “im sUrE theRE aRe TWo sIDeS”

  • Chunkiest Soup
    Chunkiest Soup22 dagen geleden

    Imaigine being such a badass you make people support your patreon to watch the unscensored video

  • Maria Rincon
    Maria Rincon22 dagen geleden

    2:23 translation: thank the lord he’s not mad at me (david doesn’t care, he just doesn’t want Jeff to get mad at him)

  • Jamie Yutzy
    Jamie Yutzy22 dagen geleden

    in my opinion the actual accident itsself was horrible and i couldnt imagine how horrible david feels, but then remembering that david didnt even go skydiving with them and then didnt talk to him for a month? makes me wonder how bad he felt about the horrible accident. i feel so bad for jeff :(

  • Catherine Kaminski
    Catherine Kaminski22 dagen geleden

    I love how David is the one so relieved Jeff was making jokes.... why because he doesn’t want to sue the crap out of you instead, David?

  • Angie M
    Angie M22 dagen geleden

    i’m sorry but how tf did david get chosen over harry styles

  • mayorpanda
    mayorpanda22 dagen geleden

    Why is no one talking about the AM90 orange camo?

  • Nate Deford
    Nate Deford23 dagen geleden

    This guy got hit by a scooter driven by Oliver

  • Melanie Anne
    Melanie Anne23 dagen geleden

    In my opinion it was an accident. They both were stupid in that moment. The difference is that David should have been by Jeff’s side constantly and been a real friend, not just at the hospital but back home too.

  • Athena Sfandiari
    Athena Sfandiari23 dagen geleden

    I hate david fuckkkking laughing

  • xloudia
    xloudia24 dagen geleden

    David is honestly a toxic piece of shit! He just sits there with his camera, ordering everyone about while throwing money around. He doesn’t even take any of it seriously or do anything while his “friend” is hanging upside down in the water or while he’s in the hospital recovering from a major injury HE caused! I honestly hope you heal fast & drop the toxic people in your life because you deserve so much better then this.

  • Samantha Rae
    Samantha Rae24 dagen geleden

    I hope you're healing

  • Samantha Ramsey
    Samantha Ramsey24 dagen geleden

    This is so sad, Jeff tried so hard to put up a front and everyone just went with it but what a traumatic injury 😕 and how irresponsible of David

  • Draeshawn Reimer
    Draeshawn Reimer24 dagen geleden

    Casey is a real one

  • Taylor Murchison
    Taylor Murchison24 dagen geleden

    I broke my eye had a brain bleed and almost died I’ve been struggling with it so much and it’s been 6 months and I wish I handle it as good as you have this has motivated me to do better so much

  • crush1979
    crush197925 dagen geleden

    I would’ve head punched they guy on the scooter, sheer reaction no pause, I don’t know how Jeff showed restraint

  • crush1979
    crush197925 dagen geleden

    There’s an accident then there’s reckless endangerment which is what happened; stunts like that have to be choreographed by professionals and not NLdronrs playing with heavy machinery, and even in professional settings people get injured and die. Jeff has lifelong complications from this and Davis legally liable for all of it.

  • Soner Soner
    Soner Soner25 dagen geleden

    David is not a real friend.

  • Lisa DeL
    Lisa DeL25 dagen geleden

    Who else could get half their face ripped off and still be hot as fuck

  • Rodrigo Retana S.
    Rodrigo Retana S.25 dagen geleden

    Casey is the GOAT

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise25 dagen geleden

    Who’s to really blame here ??? He knew what idiot was behind that machine swinging people around !!!

  • Dean Coin

    Dean Coin

    22 dagen geleden

    The person that caused the incident is responsible. What a stupid question...

  • Kendall Hohenwarter
    Kendall Hohenwarter25 dagen geleden

    This is crazy and scary but everything happens for a reason and this is going to help him in the future

  • np
    np25 dagen geleden

    I know there were lots of factors involved and I can't even imagine the internal whirlwind he went through to find acceptance and/or peace (if he's even there yet) but I respect him immensely for ultimately owning up to his decisions.

  • Abby Normal
    Abby Normal26 dagen geleden

    Dr. Todd with the bandana is hot and smart . Hell yeah

  • Rachel Durr
    Rachel Durr26 dagen geleden

    This is the SECOND friend Dobrik SERIOUSLY injured. This is the second “friend” he made jokes about when he almost killed them. You don’t need to forgive him, don’t listen to Casey. You don’t need to forget what happened. HE ALMOST KILLED YOU.

  • Its_K


    20 uur geleden

    @Madeleine same I am wondering 🤔

  • Madeleine


    22 dagen geleden

    Who was the first one?

  • Rachel Durr
    Rachel Durr26 dagen geleden

    David should be in prison.