Achilles Vs. Hector - TROY (2004)


  • lightartis4321
    lightartis432146 minuten geleden

    The kid chose to fight in battle on his own... What did achiles expectet an enemy to do? Lmao also 1 v 1 fight was as fair as it gets... What would he have done if either a random arrow or a random group of enemy soldiers had rushed the kid which I assume happened all the time in mid battle... The fact that kid was pretending to be achiles was literally the only reason he received his fair chance in 1v1 fight... Also a Prince and main highly respected warlord accepting challenge from small group mercenary leader? That was not even close at equal bet or based on tradition anyone can challenge Prince and he must accept the challenge? Lol risking literally most important man in their kingdom like that was just retarded... The king of opossing army himself should challenge the Prince to make the bet equal... In their shoes I just would have told for achiles to get lost once and if he refuses just have archers shoot him... Just my opinion.

  • Danny
    DannyUur geleden

    The choreography in this movie is probably the best I've ever seen. And man did they give Achilles all the bad ass lines.

  • Vol deMort
    Vol deMort7 uur geleden

    Hector (Lvl 80): Man Im feeling good, maybe Im gonna go one match in Ranked mode. *queues for Ranked Match. Opponent found: Achilles (Lvl 100, VIP 10).

    ALBERT JACK T SANGMA10 uur geleden

    Wai! That fighting skills Achilles had, real age, Achilles was the greatest fighter

  • RayytheHomeyy
    RayytheHomeyy10 uur geleden

    Although the Spartans and Trojans would've went to war eventually, kind of depressing to see that the two people that are directly linked to your death are looking down watching you get killed. That person being your brother and sister-in-law.

  • Mike Kendrick
    Mike Kendrick13 uur geleden

    Always hated this scene

  • Henry Gomez
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  • Millenium Boomer
    Millenium BoomerDag geleden

    Prince of Troy should've done more cardio

  • #MakeTekkenGreatAgain
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    this whole thing rubbed me the wrong way.... instead of making Hector the bad guy so we don't feel bad when he gets killed they made Achilies this arrogant douchey guy who only cares about glory and Hector the good guy who just wants to defend his land and his people and Hector getting killed by the douchey pretty boy feels like the main hero losing to the antagonist only to get avenged a bit later by the wimpy cowardly brother in a cowardly way The End... yeah this whole thing sucked.

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  • Quillan Benoit
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  • 79pejeperro
    79pejeperroDag geleden

    The sword and shield choreography looks good. Top end warriors of those times probably fought like this

  • team supreme
    team supremeDag geleden

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  • cam bell
    cam bell2 dagen geleden

    That woman felt it coming before it came lol

  • Omar Ramírez
    Omar Ramírez2 dagen geleden

    Just for a Woman :(

  • BlcK_ ShadowZ
    BlcK_ ShadowZ2 dagen geleden

    Ah First I thought the fight was wrong shown bc Hector was so bad but then I remembered no one else could survive that long in a fight against Achilles.

  • whiteknight360
    whiteknight3602 dagen geleden

    Beautiful man can’t fight.

  • USSpotato


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    I'm you're 2nd like.

  • Love
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    99% of the wars fought for only 3 basic reasons 1. Land 2. Wealth 3. Woman But remaining 1% wars did more damage than above mentioned 99% cuz the reason was religion

  • Theo Cruz
    Theo Cruz3 dagen geleden

    Fuck Achilles, great asshole.

  • Daniel Oceans
    Daniel Oceans3 dagen geleden

    Good job Paris you little shit

  • burbankbrad
    burbankbrad3 dagen geleden

    Achilles fought well but had no honor. It was ludicrous when the movie tried to make the audience feel bad when he was finally killed.

  • A_D_E-Giotis X

    A_D_E-Giotis X

    Dag geleden

    It’s called war dumbass, there are no good guys or bad guys, just fighting to survive

  • Shaggy Rumplenutz
    Shaggy Rumplenutz3 dagen geleden

    Since Achilles really had no reason to worry about getting hurt in this fight, I think the only reason he fought with his shield over his head and back was so he could fight in the shade.

  • dani noho
    dani noho3 dagen geleden

    Best dancing of fight

  • Grant
    Grant3 dagen geleden

    Dragging hunter biden around in front of Joe. Said every American ever.

  • alex̣ᴀṇder ṃịcʜᴀëḷ brαmmɘṛ
    alex̣ᴀṇder ṃịcʜᴀëḷ brαmmɘṛ4 dagen geleden

    Williaṃ Bradleÿ Pitṭ ( re born : Woden'sday 12.18.1963 )

  • Milen Kabalan
    Milen Kabalan4 dagen geleden

    In mythology is said that this duel wasn’t fair because Achilles is half God and his mother Tetida (the sea God) was giving him hints about his every next step during the fight.

  • Paul Stanton

    Paul Stanton

    Dag geleden

    As someone who studied the Illiad and the trojan war in college I can say that that's wrong, and a simple Google search will tell you that his mothers name is thetis and she is a Z tier minor sea nymph. Poseidon is the God of the sea.

  • Андрей Макаров
    Андрей Макаров4 dagen geleden

    Бред за что не возьмётся ..любую роль вытянет..молодец.а Ахиллес ..прямо под него.настоящий мужик.

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  • Javier Reznik
    Javier Reznik5 dagen geleden

    If your opponent does not agree to the funeral arrangements for the loser, are you not entitled to just have him shot with arrows? Just saying, no need to get killed 1 vs 1 with all the honor thing if he is actually admitting he has no honor.

  • Chris Scully
    Chris Scully5 dagen geleden

    If Hector wouldn't have been so Aggressive and wore himself out. He might have been able to fight to a Draw! If Achilles couldn't take him in a certain amount of time. He would be wise enough to let Hector go until he met him on the Battlefield. Jmo

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  • anil bujjappa
    anil bujjappa5 dagen geleden

    hector best and great character.. but he mentally disturb

    FAITH5 dagen geleden

    I want to see Achilles Vs Xena.

  • sshaxy
    sshaxy6 dagen geleden

    this was like watching kobe play basketball

  • eric naikaku
    eric naikaku6 dagen geleden

    The poses after a particularly strong blow are majestic. Like a pro golfer after a drive.

  • messithegoat
    messithegoat6 dagen geleden

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    Read. Thor 🤣😂

  • sunday vlogs
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    achilles the invinsible Ryan Reyes TV

  • Arturo Mora Jr
    Arturo Mora Jr7 dagen geleden

    *Hector scratches Achilles armor* Achilles: “And I took that personally”

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  • Mason Green
    Mason Green7 dagen geleden

    Had a feeling the blonde guy was going to win.....smh

  • DialgaMarine3
    DialgaMarine37 dagen geleden

    All this because of 1 female.

  • End Boss Eleven
    End Boss Eleven7 dagen geleden

    Shit happened just because a horny guy stole someone else's wife 🤣

  • Eric Coyle
    Eric Coyle7 dagen geleden

    Easily the best scene in an ultimately very disappointing film. This is one of the very best fight sequences in any Hollywood historical drama. These things so often fall into martial arts tropes but not this; the movement is unique and fluid in a way which is quite unusual and extremely effective. As far as the film goes pretty much everyone is petty, selfish and stupid, which is why the only half way decent character is Sean Bean as Odysseus and he isn't in it that much.

  • MBR-Music
    MBR-Music7 dagen geleden

    Achilles is the true warrior😎

  • Caley you didn’t say that would you like Why
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  • Dave H
    Dave H7 dagen geleden

    Logon Paul

  • Кирилл Романов
    Кирилл Романов7 dagen geleden

    Бубро зантагом

  • Mike M
    Mike M7 dagen geleden

    what's the point of wearing armor if you can pierce through it

  • Freddie Brock
    Freddie Brock8 dagen geleden

    I think Hector knew he was going to die.

  • Ivanovich Svidrigailov
    Ivanovich Svidrigailov8 dagen geleden

    This s*** American movie has bothing to do Homero

  • Most Random
    Most Random9 dagen geleden

    Dont worry guys. Paris died of old age. So will you.

  • EGSxJoker
    EGSxJoker9 dagen geleden

    Increíble esta película. Muchos dicen que Héctor pudo haber ganado y en mi diminuto conocimiento acerca de “La Ilíada” de Homero, tiene razón, incluso se describe en este poema que un mortal llego a herir a Afrodita (creo que se llamaba Diomedes y la diosa Hera o Atenea, no recuerdo bien, le brindó un vigor y fuerza incomparable) y leí que a Ares también (obviamente con ayuda de Atenea). Es maravilloso lo que escribió Homero, les recomiendo mucho esta obra, los dioses intervenían en estas guerras a tal punto que llegaban a proteger a algunos personajes de flechas o lanzas.

  • Temitope Adeusi
    Temitope Adeusi9 dagen geleden

    Hector was not mentally ready for this fight...

  • Farul Riadi
    Farul Riadi9 dagen geleden

    Indonesia hadir

  • Whitewalters
    Whitewalters9 dagen geleden

    One of my favorite fighting scenes. Beautiful choreography and palpable tension.

  • I-ONE GAMING Streaming Content
    I-ONE GAMING Streaming Content10 dagen geleden

    I get goosebomps in 3:37 😱

  • onche emmanuel
    onche emmanuel10 dagen geleden

    Achilles moves is unraveled, in all cinema chromatography.

  • Kevin Bernardini
    Kevin Bernardini10 dagen geleden

    Hector is about to die Me:Archers, waste him!!! Their best warrior is dead Our best warrior is alive Honor you ask? That doesn’t win wars

  • Kamila Lewicka
    Kamila Lewicka10 dagen geleden

    Funeral music 3:38-4:00 had been invited a lot of women in Ancient History.

  • Я величайший агроном на этой планете!
    Я величайший агроном на этой планете!10 dagen geleden

    This fight wasn't so epic in Homer's poem.

  • Вячеслав Бурдин
    Вячеслав Бурдин10 dagen geleden

    Честно !

  • dedrogian
    dedrogian10 dagen geleden

    Except in the Illiad, Hector ran around Troy 5 five times before Archilles caught up to him and killed him

  • Rami Amer
    Rami Amer11 dagen geleden

    so many videos of this scene on youtube i never know if I'm getting a parody of Achilles yelling Hector or the actual scene until I watch it

  • Benedick McIntosh
    Benedick McIntosh11 dagen geleden

    You know why these guys fought so valiantly. They were wearing leather underwear.🤣

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    MAPUIA KLD11 dagen geleden

    Achilles : There's no pact between Lion and man. Me : Archers

  • alpie Hernandez
    alpie Hernandez11 dagen geleden

    Achilles: FINISH HIM

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ11 dagen geleden

    1:58 He just hit Square, X, Triangle on this guy wow

  • Molotovvv
    Molotovvv11 dagen geleden

    Orlando Bloom’s acting is hilariously bad in this scene

  • Yash Pagare
    Yash Pagare11 dagen geleden


  • Adrian Hipol
    Adrian Hipol12 dagen geleden

    There are no pacts between lions and men.

  • Terrence Ray
    Terrence Ray12 dagen geleden

    Now I wanna ply assassins creed odyssey

  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov12 dagen geleden

    Да живе Хектор голямо пичище е!

  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov12 dagen geleden

    Ооо Хектор е доста по як и добър от тоя самоЗванец наречен Ахил.Просто има семейство и всички очакваха нещо от него!За м не Хектор е по-добър от тоя където няма какво да губи Ахила бота ))

  • Tynler
    Tynler12 dagen geleden

    dünyanın en güzel ve en üzücü fight ı ....

  • Alex tur
    Alex tur12 dagen geleden

    0:23 "there are no pacts between lions and men" *PROCEEDS TO IMPALE RIGHT FOOT WITH SPEAR*

  • julian huerta
    julian huerta13 dagen geleden

    All because helen wants to fuck around

  • jon Pronteau
    jon Pronteau13 dagen geleden

    settle down achilles slaughtered him to fast this was just a show

  • Illumina09
    Illumina0913 dagen geleden

    Trojan War: the story of how one fckboi caused the death of thousands just for WAP.

  • Puerta Vitania
    Puerta Vitania14 dagen geleden

    Te fuñite Héctor

  • Stanley Shady
    Stanley Shady14 dagen geleden

    "You know what's wrong with honor? It gets you killed.." Carl fookin Tanner

  • Sadman Sikder
    Sadman Sikder14 dagen geleden

    This fight was heartbreaking to watch. You see a good man die to a unlikeable demigod with no personality and humility. But that aside both eric and brad performed really well in the movie.

  • Patrick Frerking
    Patrick Frerking15 dagen geleden

    If I was the king I'm not so sure I would have let Hector fight not only a battle, but a whole war my other wussy son started over a girl he "loved." Especially since you can love anyone you are attracted to and even sort of get along with. No vag in the world is worth my kingdom. Even if it was the best I personally had. No my wussy son, this is your fight. And your war. I understand that is easier said than done. But, if I did not make my wussy son fight than I would expect the whole kingdom demand my head on a platter. And not that I wouldn't die for my son it's just that the rest of the war may have been prevented as well if I made him fight. Maybe not. But maybe so. Better than what really happened in this movie either way.

  • Vitalik Buterin
    Vitalik Buterin15 dagen geleden

    All of this for a piece of ass he wasn't even tapping but his btch brother was.

  • Love G
    Love G15 dagen geleden

    Sigh, usually it's a truck but since it was back in the days, Stone-kun messed up Hector's groove.

  • Massimo Pescatori
    Massimo Pescatori15 dagen geleden

    Hector is one of the greatest heroes in history. Courage, loyalty, honor, love for country and family, respect for opponents ... A lion who, even though he knows he is doomed in a duel against a demigod, does not hesitate to fight. Really mythical!

  • Sammie Jones Jr.
    Sammie Jones Jr.15 dagen geleden

    I tell you what hector wons achilles respect even he was tired. No mad stood before him that long no to mention made him back pedal and scratch his armor

  • Donhill Angelo Dean
    Donhill Angelo Dean15 dagen geleden

    I don’t like when hector died😥

  • MB ART
    MB ART15 dagen geleden


  • Michael James
    Michael James16 dagen geleden

    if chuck norris was there................

  • You are soul
    You are soul16 dagen geleden

    "There are no pacts between lions and men." "Very well. Ringmaster! Bring out some flaming hoops for this lion to jump through."

  • Julien Chiasson
    Julien Chiasson16 dagen geleden

    best choreography ever

  • Xylarxcode
    Xylarxcode16 dagen geleden

    It's funny when you think back to the scene where Odysseus recruits Achilles for the war against Troy and Achilles basically waves him off by saying he has no beef with the Trojans, because they never did anything to harm him and he doesn't particularly care if they insulted Greece. He only went because he was a glory seeker and even then, he only fought when he chose to or when there was recognition to be gained. He never sought to harm the Trojans, except when doing so would gain him glory. But then Hector went and killed his cousin, even if it was a misunderstanding and for the first time, Achilles has a personal investment in this war. Before that, he only saw the Trojans as a means to an end to achieve greater glory. But with Hector, it was personal. Hector took his cousin's life, so Achilles sought the return the favor by taking Hector's. It's a pretty cool throwback to that scene. Achilles has no personal investment in this war and doesn't really care which side wins, but if they're going after him or his, he's going to retaliate in kind.

  • Marc DL
    Marc DL16 dagen geleden

    Bruce banner should have got angry

  • Tavo M
    Tavo M16 dagen geleden

    I love how Achilles fighting style changes as soon as that spear was destroyed and the fluid of motion when he dropped his shield 🛡 gradually increasing fighting performance While hector stayed the same

  • Ramisetty Venkatesh 190
    Ramisetty Venkatesh 19017 dagen geleden

    I think hector lost the duel at 2:38 by blindly attacking Achilles without any fucking thought

  • joey formasano
    joey formasano17 dagen geleden

    Now that is what's called a lion drags his pray home

  • AGC
    AGC17 dagen geleden

    this fight isn’t fair because Achilles is using a socketed very fast attack speed dagger while Hector uses normal sword.

  • Aj Miles
    Aj Miles17 dagen geleden

    When a level 99 fight a level 85. There's a chance but very little.