8 times stephen curry shocked the world


  • Chris Pitel
    Chris PitelUur geleden

    these boys are good

  • oscar salazar
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  • Reggie Lee
    Reggie LeeDag geleden

    1:52 Yeah, I’m gonna have to talk to my teammate about this celebration. -Steph

  • nphillyk
    nphillykDag geleden

    Curry for three…BANG!!!

  • Coast
    CoastDag geleden

    6:03 Did anyone else see the line change color 🤣

  • Jereth Martinez
    Jereth MartinezDag geleden

    During the 80's & 90's everybody wana be like Mike. Today every nba players are Curry wana be.

  • changsterville
    changsterville2 dagen geleden

    Shoots with so much confidence

    TRUMP REALLYWON2 dagen geleden

    Yea he shocked the world when the DUMBASS stated there was no US moon landing. WHAT A DUMBASS Basketball sucks as bad as espn both losers

  • James Mckay
    James Mckay2 dagen geleden

    He will be a legend forever

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris3 dagen geleden


    ERROL GORDON3 dagen geleden

    is he good like REGGIE MILLER on threes...

  • Teddy A
    Teddy A3 dagen geleden


  • Dean D'Amico
    Dean D'Amico3 dagen geleden

    The current NBA is a JOKE! If you breath on a guy they call a foul. I saw James Harden dribble down the court right into a defender, a blatant offensive foul, and they called it on the defender. The NBA today is Pussy basketball. They couldn't hang with any of the teams from the 80s. They'd be crying to their Mama's," he touched me, he put his hand on me while I was dribbling and trying to rebound!" 😭. Today's NBA and the numbers are a joke. Any Championship Team from the 80s would kick the snot out of these kids today. The Bird Celtics, The Magic and Jabar Lakers, The Jordan and Pippin Bulls, The Thomas and Lambier Pistons, The Dr.J and Malone 76ers. Any of those teams with the rules back then would make today's NBA players cry like little babies in a wet diaper.

  • 79 19
    79 193 dagen geleden

    His potential and play puts him as one of the best all around .things hes done only a few can do .

  • TTV Sudsier O
    TTV Sudsier O3 dagen geleden

    1:52 wtf 😂😂😂😅😅

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black4 dagen geleden

    Stephen curry is awesome dunkers

  • Adrian Aguilar
    Adrian Aguilar4 dagen geleden

    Curry is the most exciting player to play the game he’s always doing something no one has seen

  • A Plane Reality
    A Plane Reality4 dagen geleden

    1:52 Why his teammate come up behind him and pump him in the ass? It's like he wanted to do the ass smack, but was even happier and just pumped him real quick from behind and turned away 🤷🏿‍♂️😂

  • Angel Nixxa
    Angel Nixxa4 dagen geleden

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  • NealSW
    NealSW4 dagen geleden

    Chris Paul left the room.

  • MinySun Plays
    MinySun Plays5 dagen geleden

    Ayooooooooooooooooo 🤔😂🤣 1:51

  • Igo
    Igo5 dagen geleden

    Best ever

  • Aisha Bobbi
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  • Jadari Christian

    Jadari Christian

    5 dagen geleden


  • Bryan Peralta
    Bryan Peralta6 dagen geleden

    you can shoot from where ever you want. why not shoot from far, especially if you're good. he's not afraid.

  • Mae Mae  💖😈
    Mae Mae 💖😈6 dagen geleden

    If this video was accurate it would be like 4 hours Long.

  • pohie subae
    pohie subae6 dagen geleden

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  • Helaina Barge
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  • R Lum
    R Lum6 dagen geleden

    Curry will probably be the best shooter in NBA history for a long time. Superstars like him rarely ever exist.

  • DeeSire Malone
    DeeSire Malone6 dagen geleden

    Ayooo this might be a basketball thing that I don’t know cuz I don’t watch it or play it but 4K at 1:53 and 1:54

  • Willie Purdom
    Willie Purdom7 dagen geleden

    How many teams passed this guy up, because they said he was too skinny?...a bunch...idiots, all of them. "Never judge a book by its cover". Read the damn book!

  • Casual Gaming & more by Kigama
    Casual Gaming & more by Kigama7 dagen geleden

    7:29 Chris Paul hunting flies. 😂🤣😂

  • Casual Gaming & more by Kigama
    Casual Gaming & more by Kigama7 dagen geleden

    Wowww... I am shocked!

  • Just some guy without a Mustache
    Just some guy without a Mustache7 dagen geleden

    But Chris Paul stepped on his shoe???

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran7 dagen geleden

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  • Apple Thunder spice
    Apple Thunder spice7 dagen geleden

    Durant might have ruined his career leaving Steph, much like Kyrie leaving Bron

    BRISTOL BEATZ7 dagen geleden

    I get mad as hell watching this guy hit the shots he hits. ... I be like, "BULLSHIIIT!!!!!!!!" 😂😂😂 He is incredible, but he be pissing me the fuck off, but only because his shooting, at times, seems unreal.

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken8 dagen geleden

    Stephen Curry is the best shooter in NBA history, so he might just always shock the world with his amazing skills, he is also one of the best NBA players in the whole world, that's why he's called a legend.

  • Be Real

    Be Real

    Dag geleden

    Not.one of the best yes

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player8 dagen geleden

    Look what coach Carters son became, and he didn't want him to play at that public school.

  • Not Robot
    Not Robot8 dagen geleden

    “The Curry eruption continues” -me the morning after eating Indian food.

  • 2092 Vinayak Vats

    2092 Vinayak Vats

    7 dagen geleden


  • Nathan Kim
    Nathan Kim8 dagen geleden

    This man had 5 rings for 5 straight years. Let's not forget that lol

  • Blake Lucas
    Blake Lucas8 dagen geleden

    8:10 mark cuban can’t believe it 😂

  • danthegoat13❶
    danthegoat13❶8 dagen geleden

    Curry in the nba is like playing someone in 2k who always makes high contested 3s

  • Butch
    Butch8 dagen geleden

    Too bad you ruined this video of an awesome shooter/player with a TRAITOR like le bron ( woke) james! shoulden't even be on the same video.

  • Murgisan Moglai
    Murgisan Moglai8 dagen geleden

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  • JC gaming
    JC gaming8 dagen geleden

    0:32 chef curry is cooking chris hall of fame of cooking and mvp of cooking

  • Leo Nebula
    Leo Nebula8 dagen geleden

    6:50 greatest commentator reaction in history

  • Les Duenas
    Les Duenas8 dagen geleden

    Like Bird Stephen Curry will take the shot but you don't see laboob wanting to take the winning shot, but will take a FAKE injury that had been shown on NBA clip.

  • Nick Lengyel
    Nick Lengyel8 dagen geleden

    He is a terrific player. Not much nowadays on that.

  • krista niebergall
    krista niebergall9 dagen geleden

    Watching Steph is like playing NBA 2k with a cheat code

  • Abdul
    Abdul9 dagen geleden

    He dropped Chris Paul more than once lol

  • Abdul
    Abdul9 dagen geleden

    Best shooter of all time PERIOD 💯

  • Priscillano Ramon Mariano III
    Priscillano Ramon Mariano III9 dagen geleden

    6:50 - the play that broke the NBA to what it is today.

  • Devon Brinston
    Devon Brinston9 dagen geleden

    Look at 1:53 wtf was that?? Thats what teams mate do? Ijs...

  • Nicholas Suhr
    Nicholas Suhr9 dagen geleden

    When kd watched that shot go in he knew the team he was going to

  • Ronnie owino
    Ronnie owino10 dagen geleden

    Best basketballer

  • Latika Carstarphen
    Latika Carstarphen10 dagen geleden

    hes litterally the greatest 3 pointer of all time he has the record

  • NYRGaming30
    NYRGaming3010 dagen geleden

    Could’ve just put him missing a three 8 times

  • delle56
    delle5611 dagen geleden

    I jus love this curry guy‼

  • Robert wilson Jr
    Robert wilson Jr11 dagen geleden

    curry never finals mvp. lost a 3-1 lead in finals . how is he great?

    OBA DIAH11 dagen geleden

    I miss curry in finals

  • William Yang
    William Yang11 dagen geleden

    Look at curry man,so inspirational

  • Marla Wood
    Marla Wood11 dagen geleden

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  • ikeaabluebag
    ikeaabluebag12 dagen geleden

    Generation of miracles

  • Mina #9
    Mina #912 dagen geleden

    This cat is amazing

  • Frizzy Drazzy
    Frizzy Drazzy12 dagen geleden

    Jesus Loves Yall And Is The Way To Everlasting Life

  • Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper12 dagen geleden

    Stephanie and Larry Bird are the 2 best white shooters I've seen

  • Teacher Stephen curry
    Teacher Stephen curry12 dagen geleden

    Im planning to upload all steph curry Masterclass lessons. So subcribe me now so you can be updated Thank you☺☺☺

  • kyle lawson
    kyle lawson13 dagen geleden

    Little did Bron know curry was about to make his life hell on the court

  • NiiQ
    NiiQ14 dagen geleden

    Truly gifted

  • Sam Chan
    Sam Chan14 dagen geleden

    Behind Hard work training,Jump shot just like rubbish put to the bin so much easy!

  • isaiah and atticus
    isaiah and atticus14 dagen geleden

    Steph Currys handles no caaappp

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder14 dagen geleden

    I like how shocked everyone by not scoring... I agree

  • PkPhobos
    PkPhobos14 dagen geleden

    He’s so fkn good

  • なぜ‘Hiroyuki
    なぜ‘Hiroyuki14 dagen geleden


  • Murray westenskow
    Murray westenskow16 dagen geleden

    I'm an eyewitness - to 52 years of NBA watching - following. Curry is the best shooter - by far.

  • Woo
    Woo16 dagen geleden

    Tbh, I'm not a basketball fan and I've never watched a single match, but I'm amazed

  • Martin Whalley
    Martin Whalley17 dagen geleden

    Then Klay broke Curry's record of 13, with 14, the same season. Curry got 15 later on

  • Carigan Cox
    Carigan Cox17 dagen geleden

    God: Aye curry.... how much skill you want bro... Curry: yes

    CLIP MONSTAR17 dagen geleden

    For Curry Fans 👇 #CurryFlow 🏀 nldron.info/work/video/qYCLZsiZl6ion4E

  • Elkan Julian
    Elkan Julian17 dagen geleden

    Little did Lebron know that Curry would become one of his greatest rivals

  • UFCfan21
    UFCfan2117 dagen geleden

    Stephen Curry is good but he won't be better than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant

  • Romeo Dibakoane
    Romeo Dibakoane17 dagen geleden

    @4:40 Man on the bench threw the towel down cz he already knows what's about to happen

    TINYLUFFY2817 dagen geleden

    He is Midorima.

    TINYLUFFY2817 dagen geleden

    He tweeted *"I'm gonna shock the world"*

  • Giorgio Jubithana
    Giorgio Jubithana18 dagen geleden

    Curry is like messi from the nba

  • Malbata Kevir
    Malbata Kevir18 dagen geleden

    3:48 he is rapping

  • Porfirio Auguslin
    Porfirio Auguslin18 dagen geleden

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  • Laing Clayton
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  • Eliza Mongaya
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  • alice ψ
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  • Namibia
    Namibia19 dagen geleden

    If u have to show the move 10 times then hes not that good

  • Robert Bolivarr
    Robert Bolivarr20 dagen geleden

    The Smooth assassin. SC.

  • Faye Taylor
    Faye Taylor20 dagen geleden

    The greatest 3 point shooter I have ever seen

  • Betchay Matias
    Betchay Matias20 dagen geleden


  • Jerde Cayla
    Jerde Cayla21 dag geleden

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  • Schleepyy
    Schleepyy22 dagen geleden

    ayo 1:52 what you doin to steph my guy

  • Discord Memes I Downloaded
    Discord Memes I Downloaded22 dagen geleden

    Of course he did :)

  • Yurd Me
    Yurd Me22 dagen geleden

    Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness so you go to heaven

  • majayjay06


    17 dagen geleden

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  • Rachael Gray
    Rachael Gray22 dagen geleden

    Kobe still better