3 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

3 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future


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    Its more broo not just three kind

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    @Armani Zayne definitely, have been watching on flixzone for since november myself :)

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    a trick : watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.

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    Another one was when they predicted that the basketball player died in a helecopter crash .

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    27 dagen geleden

    I dont have a choice, dont even thanked me for watching your shit show

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    Nah, I think the world is based off the Simpson’s.

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    The last one isnt predicting the future

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    Ervin Tan12 uur geleden

    They also predicted the covid-19

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    Beat Up Martin.

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    Beat up martin

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    They didn't predict the future they just Googled everything

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    Cool live in Pennsylvania

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    Lady gaga is a singer my favorite song of lady gaga is poker face and i just wanna say your best and thanks for saying things thats real

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    Expect lady gaga didn't have minigun firework boobies

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    Beat up Martin Bruh

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    I think there was one were they said 2020 was gonna be bad

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    "Machine kept changing the votes" Ah, yes, it's almost as if Joe Biden did that. He did

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    William R

    Dag geleden

    @Izawa yes, maybe he didn't. But his supporters certainly did

  • Izawa


    Dag geleden

    He didnt, its just tradition that evry 4 years there is new president cuz you guys always complain about president you elected, tho you like trump so i think you shouldny even be allowed to use telephone

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    He said it! It was inspired by the Simpsons!?!

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    Theory: The Simpson’s don’t predict the future... They make it

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    I heard somewhere they predicted Corona . . .

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    Fact: the director was a time traveller

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    Beat up Martin

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    Beat up newton

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    This was vulgar.

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    Beat up Martin.

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    Beat up Martin

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    They dont predict the future they create the future

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    The creators actually think about what will happen in the future and makes predictions with lots of research so most likely it will be true.

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    This guy couldn't tell the difference between inspiration and prediction.

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    Lmao imagine Gaga just saw the episode then did it

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    It's not really a prediction, they just cast a big enough net that they are bound to catch something at some point

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    Lady gage maybe was just wacthing it and then she want to do it

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    Or is simpsons influencing people

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    Joe Biden was the vice president with Barack obama. He must be good.

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    Wat up martin

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    They didn't ilumanati shit

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    Beat up Martha

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    Beat up Martin Wow

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    We did really predict the future

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    Maybe the government likes The Simpson's and they they plan the stuff they see on tv

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    beat up martin

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    No one: This guy:👆

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    Philosohers be like: The real question is; did the Simpsons predict the future or did the future predict the Simpsons?

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    You copyed the blond boys

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    Plot twist:They watched those episodes and decided to recreate them IRL

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    Jesus is coming soon Accept him as your Lord and Savior before its too Late🙏

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    God was hust watching simpsons one day and decided for a live preformance..

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    Did you know the simpsons didn’t predict that lady Gaga just wanted to do that because she got it from the simpsons

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    No my grandma name is martha

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    Ok your my 1nd fav yt

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    Not three times more than that

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    Only three times?

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    naah its just the trailers man

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    It's funny you can talk about election fraud when it's only a certain party

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    Beat up Martian

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    I know another one where in a 2000 episode trump had finished his presidency and that came true 20 years later

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    Beat up martha

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    They also predicted corinavirus

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    What if they whatched it and d They did the same thing!

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    I predicted the future yesterday at the restaurant. I ordered a stake medium rare and low and behold that’s exactly what I got!!!

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    My name's Martha...

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    Bro i think the simpson predicted the future i think its the creator.

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    syirik ni

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    Beat up Martin it didn’t work

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    The Simpsons arent predicting the future the future is inspired by the simpsons

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    Simpsons director:*writes* God:our plan🇷🇺

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    The last one didnt "predict the future". You said it was Inspired.

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    That happened like 100,0000times

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    it was inspired by the simpons, not a prediction of the future

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    Hes made the same video jus with different parts in different places........unsubscribe

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    I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing at the rocket tittties 😁😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Lady Gaga watching simpsons and be like i should do this is littttt

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    See, even the machines didn’t want Obama.

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    What about corona???

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    What about predicting Donald trump being president and the pandemic

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    Not predictions it’s plans. Or example watch the video I pet goat 2 it was 7 years ago and all the stuff in it happened

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    Naw it not the predicting it’s us listening to the

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    I know like 30 times, so go and sulk over it

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    These aren’t predictions dude they have had others but these aren’t

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    Get off youtube with ur tik toks

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    Omg this can be so easily disproven I’m not even gonna waste my time

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    I’m Martha I don’t want to be eaten up.😂

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    KOBE 🙁

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    The third one is fake autocorrect was all inspired by a guy who emailed Bill Gates complaining that his last name corrected to something a bit too anatomical. You degenerate looking for clout. Also Vote flipping occurs when an e-voting touch-screen machine is not properly calibrated, so it didn't actually predict the last 2 because the 2nd one fell down to wrongfully calibrated machines and the last one was a lie you degenerate looking for views

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    I feel like The Simpsons inspire some of these events and celebs go along with it to have a laugh and continue conspiracy theories while staying relevant...

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    eric d22 dagen geleden

    You forgot to mention 911, and trump.

  • Itgel Gantaukh
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    Did they predict it or did we follow it

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    So auto correct is supposed to change me saying “simp” to “sample” all the time? Nice to know 😑

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    Are we not gonna talk about how they predicted Trump's presidency and the slogan make America great again

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    What about When theydicted Trump would be president

  • Meme God
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    What about donald trump and ebola

  • Ella Casey Clarkson
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    What about when they went into lockdown in the movie

  • Servant Of The Lord
    Servant Of The Lord23 dagen geleden

    They didn’t predict the future, they just told you what was the plan of the satanic elites who control the worlds it’s called predictive programming

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    I’m live in Houston the nrg is close to my house

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    that BGM bruh