2021 NBA 3-Point Contest - Full Highlights | NBA All-Star Weekend


  • Milos Popovic
    Milos Popovic11 uur geleden

    Steph Curry simply the greatest 3pt shooter of all time.

  • TechEd
    TechEd13 uur geleden

    'Where's Klay Thompson when you need him"...

  • Dwight Phillips
    Dwight Phillips16 uur geleden

    Steph you're my boi but it's time to retire from the 3-point competition.... it's unfair to the other guys lol

  • Maurice Mayhams
    Maurice Mayhams18 uur geleden

    Stephen curry the greatest shooter of all time

  • jared glinka
    jared glinka18 uur geleden

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  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia20 uur geleden

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  • Andres Mendoza
    Andres Mendoza21 uur geleden

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  • Insane Elite
    Insane EliteDag geleden


  • King Alldredge
    King AlldredgeDag geleden

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  • Jake Goldberg
    Jake GoldbergDag geleden

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    THE JOKERDag geleden

    4:50 stef curry ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emery Nielsen
    Emery NielsenDag geleden

    I want to see Giannis in the 3point contest

  • JC gaming
    JC gamingDag geleden

    As a curry fan bro my man chef cooking

  • TheChartedCollection
    TheChartedCollectionDag geleden

    JESUS loves you guys/girls repent and believe in The Gospels of Christ. Jesus has risen and He is coming soon!

  • Joshua gambino
    Joshua gambinoDag geleden

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  • CL0WN
    CL0WNDag geleden


  • James-Ryan-Jayden The Explorer
    James-Ryan-Jayden The ExplorerDag geleden

    Curry should shoot with his LeFT-Hand just to be fair.

  • I am Dragon!
    I am Dragon!Dag geleden

    Conley: I got this in the bag. 27 points is no score to beat ~~chills knowing he’s gonna win the game~~ Curry: ima bout to end this whole mans career Conley: AYO WTF Curry: e z

  • 2 dagen geleden

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  • Muhammad Aqimularsy
    Muhammad Aqimularsy2 dagen geleden

    I went here after watching Curry loose to coach Jackson

  • Jeric Carl Landayang TV
    Jeric Carl Landayang TV2 dagen geleden

    you are best tree pointers idol curry

  • Deano
    Deano2 dagen geleden

    anyone else watching tatum make top 3 in this after he air balled against australia?

  • George Addison
    George Addison3 dagen geleden

    Wow curry is op like in 2k 21 when i play

  • Ace Palle
    Ace Palle3 dagen geleden

    Curry showing his clutch genes in that last shot.

  • Got Em Carts
    Got Em Carts3 dagen geleden

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  • Diego Saputro
    Diego Saputro4 dagen geleden

    He’s a cheat code

  • Liam Willard
    Liam Willard4 dagen geleden

    My boy Stephen won baby

  • Parshant Meena
    Parshant Meena4 dagen geleden

    Op bolta pahly soch liya the ham to

  • lakshya
    lakshya4 dagen geleden

    curry to the trophy be like - dont worry u will always be mine lol

  • Micodiova mahaputra
    Micodiova mahaputra4 dagen geleden

    mistakes point at conley first round. anyone notice?

  • iilove Kobe
    iilove Kobe4 dagen geleden

    Laveing is win kobe and jordan

  • Knots Billington
    Knots Billington5 dagen geleden

    5:54 voice craks

  • Knots Billington
    Knots Billington5 dagen geleden

    3:44 the ball hit him lol

  • Mira Holmes
    Mira Holmes5 dagen geleden

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  • DANBO dream
    DANBO dream5 dagen geleden

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  • manuel rasalan
    manuel rasalan5 dagen geleden

    That's why I love Steph....

  • Roberto Lorenzo Eugenio
    Roberto Lorenzo Eugenio5 dagen geleden

    You deserve it idol curry your no.1👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝☺️

  • Yung Han Huang
    Yung Han Huang6 dagen geleden

    why so boring

  • Jay Magana TV
    Jay Magana TV6 dagen geleden

    4:48 curry time 8:23 second round

  • JM P.
    JM P.6 dagen geleden

    Stephen curry is the best for me so, idol

  • robin tang
    robin tang6 dagen geleden

    Curry why don't you play in the Olympics?

  • samuel martinez
    samuel martinez6 dagen geleden

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  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia7 dagen geleden

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  • Nick Orr
    Nick Orr7 dagen geleden

    The messed up thing is , the only person that can probably beat him now is on his team.

  • 김태경
    김태경7 dagen geleden

    진짜 개멋있네

  • samuel martinez
    samuel martinez8 dagen geleden

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  • calamansi juice
    calamansi juice8 dagen geleden

    Both klay and curry🏀

  • KING_ glokkz blangin
    KING_ glokkz blangin9 dagen geleden


  • Zeepip
    Zeepip10 dagen geleden

    5:57 Greatest shooter the game of baskeball has ever seen. When the net barely moves like this, you are MONEY!

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly10 dagen geleden

    Curry is a NBA God🏀🏆

  • A7 Fanatical
    A7 Fanatical10 dagen geleden

    steph's gonna be 40 before he loses a 3pt contest 😂🤙

  • ATL lane
    ATL lane10 dagen geleden

    That was close props to mike and steph 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥

  • Tiffany Russell
    Tiffany Russell12 dagen geleden

    They said where is Klay when you need him😂😂 That's scary knowing they both on the same team.

  • far amen
    far amen12 dagen geleden

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  • yannick willems
    yannick willems13 dagen geleden

    ben simmons has left the chat😏

  • hermance kassi
    hermance kassi14 dagen geleden

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  • Nunex Mamba
    Nunex Mamba15 dagen geleden

    Dang i miss Curry and The Golden State Warriors team

  • Alexander
    Alexander16 dagen geleden

    Curry my favorite NBA tree pointer shooter

  • Petevilie
    Petevilie16 dagen geleden

    Curry could have won 2019 3 point contest too if not that one Moneyball that came out spinning off the ring. This contest is too easy for him .

  • marco hiketen
    marco hiketen17 dagen geleden

    Steph: *scores 31 Dwade: that's a 9.

  • Club 6
    Club 617 dagen geleden

    4:48 and 8:22 is what we all came for

  • Lonny Winstead
    Lonny Winstead18 dagen geleden

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  • Arcadio Torres
    Arcadio Torres18 dagen geleden

    Curry on beast mode

  • Taka
    Taka18 dagen geleden


  • Ligma Toes
    Ligma Toes18 dagen geleden

    Greatest shooter ever. Not even close.

  • Nixon Lebron
    Nixon Lebron19 dagen geleden

    Gud shut

  • Czxaswedf Zxasdwebn
    Czxaswedf Zxasdwebn19 dagen geleden

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  • Ohood Assiri
    Ohood Assiri19 dagen geleden

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  • Joshua LeFranc
    Joshua LeFranc20 dagen geleden

    Best 3pt marksman the world has ever seen. Period.

  • Muchammad Fariz
    Muchammad Fariz20 dagen geleden

    Clutch machine

  • Johnny Doe
    Johnny Doe20 dagen geleden

    Curry best PG to play the game

  • nessah gison
    nessah gison20 dagen geleden

    Curry is only win never

  • Shanna Hausladen
    Shanna Hausladen21 dag geleden

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  • simon wang
    simon wang21 dag geleden

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  • Maria Crawford
    Maria Crawford21 dag geleden

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  • Miles D
    Miles D21 dag geleden

    That man curry is a shoota!!!

  • arw.alaine
    arw.alaine21 dag geleden

    Sometimes, I think he purposely missed some of those shots to keep it interesting.

  • ricco jaimes
    ricco jaimes22 dagen geleden

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  • Panagiota Lavvas
    Panagiota Lavvas22 dagen geleden

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  • angelo cruz
    angelo cruz22 dagen geleden

    ultimate free throw shooting contest :)

  • Ketchupz Studio
    Ketchupz Studio22 dagen geleden

    Curry = Best Sniper in the world!

  • Armands Uiska
    Armands Uiska22 dagen geleden

    "Are you not entertained? ... Are you not entertained? ... Is it not why are you here?"

  • Syahiran Sapian
    Syahiran Sapian22 dagen geleden

    3 pt contest next year Ben Simmons Giannis Jimmy butler Who else want to add

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential22 dagen geleden

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  • asda asda
    asda asda23 dagen geleden

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  • nintendonerdsvideos
    nintendonerdsvideos23 dagen geleden

    I'd actually like to see a nba 3 pt competition with some of the god awfulest shooters, like Shaq, Ben Wallace, etc

  • Martin Victoria
    Martin Victoria23 dagen geleden

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    YARIEL GARCES23 dagen geleden

    tHis rIdCiolOUs mAn He'S a VIDeO gAMe

  • TATC Trr
    TATC Trr24 dagen geleden

    JT hates money balls I think

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential24 dagen geleden

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  • Ryan
    Ryan25 dagen geleden

    Curry last shot 😯😯 it like didn’t touch those ropeee✨✨

  • Priyan On Android
    Priyan On Android26 dagen geleden

    The announcers did brown dirty 😭 "he's a scorer not a shooter"

  • Chabelo


    26 dagen geleden

    Its true tho

  • Sue U
    Sue U26 dagen geleden

    Like a god

  • Sue U
    Sue U26 dagen geleden

    Curry is so good at shooting

  • Jaren Montaos
    Jaren Montaos26 dagen geleden

    It's weird to see Zach Lavine on a 3pt contest. He needs to go back on dunk contest.

  • Rayy !
    Rayy !26 dagen geleden

    Curry putting on muscle?😮


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  • Steven
    Steven28 dagen geleden

    I love the way that they said he is a video game lol🤣🤣🤣

  • Dashe Burner
    Dashe Burner28 dagen geleden

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  • Andrea Dodd
    Andrea Dodd28 dagen geleden

    The Best Shooter To Ever Do It