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  • Victor Hugo Montero González
    Victor Hugo Montero González21 minuut geleden

    2:18 you came for this

  • el chapo
    el chapo27 minuten geleden

    Dude i can't find a freaking comment from 6 yrs ago dayumm

  • Alejandro Oregel
    Alejandro Oregel49 minuten geleden

    What a difference 21 savage got more style this dude look like he in elementary trying too hard to act tuff plus the beat is wack

  • paprika
    paprikaUur geleden

    2:40 that dumb shit dry asf

    MINE CONTROL LUur geleden

    BoBBY: Mitch caught a body about a Week ago! Me: no about 6 years 3 months AGO!

  • Септимий Сегоний
    Септимий СегонийUur geleden


  • Right Clicked
    Right Clicked2 uur geleden

    Me to deaf people: 🖕 Deaf people: 2:52

  • Chino Feldmayer
    Chino Feldmayer3 uur geleden

    So romantic ! Toda raba ! Mi kol ha lev ,! Ahri , jakar !!!!!!!!

  • speaking of bilge
    speaking of bilge3 uur geleden

    hahaaa i was singin this in crossroads juvenile and the whole unit started singin this masterpiece. I SWEAR TO GOD ALL I DO IS CASH OUTTTT

  • Lize Kleynhans
    Lize Kleynhans3 uur geleden

    My fav part is when he says hot n#gga

  • Alexis
    Alexis4 uur geleden

    Still here!

  • t ó t h p e t i
    t ó t h p e t i4 uur geleden

    im getting tired of not being able to type this songs name into the searchbar tbh

    ABY SACK5 uur geleden


  • ghvztFN Boxed u
    ghvztFN Boxed u5 uur geleden


  • anderson warner murga mamani
    anderson warner murga mamani5 uur geleden


  • Brian Magana
    Brian Magana6 uur geleden

    I played this at a drive through, now it’s a drive by

  • Shigoku
    Shigoku6 uur geleden

    Went to Africa a week a week

  • Misslennerz1986 Reyna
    Misslennerz1986 Reyna6 uur geleden

    I went Africa a week ago: WITH GOAT

  • Controller_boy Dankata
    Controller_boy Dankata6 uur geleden

    King is back

  • Simon Zaku
    Simon Zaku7 uur geleden

    Let's get this to 1 billion. Welcome back Bobby!!! Love from Nigeria 🇳🇬🙌

  • Alexander Bertelsen
    Alexander Bertelsen8 uur geleden

    Cripz Security

  • Đimøx
    Đimøx8 uur geleden

    It was me who freed you

    FF GANG8 uur geleden

    My eyes = reading comments My ears = listening song My hand = scrolling down My body = dancing My mouth = singing song I am a very busy person One subcribe bro😅

  • Adrian Garcia
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  • Gustavo Barron
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  • yona lin
    yona lin10 uur geleden

    i remember every party i went to dis was the #1 song

  • Crystal Rivera
    Crystal Rivera10 uur geleden

    My nigga

  • Crystal Rivera
    Crystal Rivera9 uur geleden

    @Gloo Jaam and?????? 3's nor what everyone in palm beach says bout me! Lol

  • Gloo Jaam
    Gloo Jaam9 uur geleden

    Lmfao white girl😂😂

  • Leonel Nogueira
    Leonel Nogueira11 uur geleden

    A relembrar os velhos tempos .

  • je weet zelf toch?
    je weet zelf toch?12 uur geleden

    *softly doing that dance *

  • Marco Trindade MZ
    Marco Trindade MZ12 uur geleden

    I went to Africa a week ago

  • Castro King
    Castro King13 uur geleden


    GX BRIGHT GAMER13 uur geleden


  • Castro King
    Castro King13 uur geleden

    Welcome bobby

  • Kronos
    Kronos14 uur geleden

    It may not reach it but this video is creeping up on a billion views 👀

  • ghalib mohamed
    ghalib mohamed14 uur geleden

    2:16 remember this trend

  • Rafeeq Adams
    Rafeeq Adams14 uur geleden

    6 years later and his still collecting money for this hit 😅💸

  • Younès vlog
    Younès vlog15 uur geleden

    Morocco ❤

  • нappy.
    нappy.16 uur geleden

    We are still waiting bro

  • Rachel McCollough
    Rachel McCollough16 uur geleden

    Purple Gang vibes. Good men.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • R ‘n B
    R ‘n B16 uur geleden

    If u get this to 1billion Bobby will never go back to jail

  • Rakibul Hasan
    Rakibul Hasan17 uur geleden

    -6 years later, If you're still watching this you're a legend.

  • SAFSwiFtsHot
    SAFSwiFtsHot19 uur geleden

    The views tho

  • Emonjaleya Parker
    Emonjaleya Parker21 uur geleden

    Still wanna know where his hat went to

  • NcitesCodm
    NcitesCodm21 uur geleden

    Notice at the beginning he low key snitching on what each 1 of em do😂😭😂

    KAHNEYDA22 uur geleden

    Till this day, the mystery of Bobby Shmurda’s Knicks hat has not been solved.

  • Shantal Brown
    Shantal Brown23 uur geleden

    ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽 2021

  • Damian Zoras
    Damian ZorasDag geleden

    Who else keeps on replaying the video

  • Zintrend
    ZintrendDag geleden

    went to africa a week ago

  • zAmIeL FoRrEz
    zAmIeL FoRrEzDag geleden

    Gettttt this please to the 1billion this music is created by de gods

  • K. R.
    K. R.Dag geleden


  • K. R.
    K. R.Dag geleden


  • K. R.
    K. R.Dag geleden


  • linek
    linekDag geleden

    0:10 failRP lol

  • Twister 75
    Twister 75Dag geleden

    Welcome back

  • Seoulyunnie 설울윤니
    Seoulyunnie 설울윤니Dag geleden

    this song will always be iconic .

  • Clint Chandler
    Clint ChandlerDag geleden

    Welcome back don’t act like ain’t been here before

  • Blazar
    BlazarDag geleden

    I love niga

  • scrubby ftw
    scrubby ftw2 uur geleden

    @Blazar nigga*

  • Blazar
    Blazar16 uur geleden

    @Loki Asgardian do u love niga?

  • Blazar
    Blazar16 uur geleden

    @Loki Asgardian im niga

  • Loki Asgardian
    Loki AsgardianDag geleden

    Bro what

  • Florence Lartey
    Florence LarteyDag geleden

    Are we gonna get this ro 800M views before the end of this month

  • Taran Singh
    Taran SinghDag geleden

    Rockstar should add this song in the PS5 version of GTA 5

  • Civil Panda
    Civil PandaDag geleden

    Parents named him Robert The Murderer III but he had to tone it down for his rap career

  • Civil Panda
    Civil PandaDag geleden

    I wonder how many of the people in this video have done time or will do time? Cost of being a hot ninja i suppose


    Rapper: Gets arrested Rapper : how did you know Also rapper : shots poppin out the AR

  • OG Beeper
    OG BeeperDag geleden

    Here for my monthly dose of this bop

  • Augoestin
    AugoestinDag geleden

    “Went to Africa a wee.... oh whait wrong version”

  • Sabawon Claps
    Sabawon ClapsDag geleden

    ayo lets see how many subs we can get from a comment, rn i have 120

  • JrIsTheName
    JrIsTheNameDag geleden

    This song slap tho

  • Joseph Brainard
    Joseph BrainardDag geleden

    What up with the giant skip

  • Simion Vinari
    Simion VinariDag geleden


  • Robert Haberle
    Robert HaberleDag geleden

    Garbage 💯

  • Zhamadi Gonzalez Smith
    Zhamadi Gonzalez SmithDag geleden

    The blueprint for all these new NYC rappers 👑

  • JoshBirtchetFishing
    JoshBirtchetFishingDag geleden


  • tsekv t
    tsekv tDag geleden


  • Kason Free fire
    Kason Free fireDag geleden

    This song is still lit tho

  • S I O M A I
    S I O M A IDag geleden

    Went to Africa a week ago

  • AapieX597 -YT
    AapieX597 -YTDag geleden

    Let's see how many People watch this track in May 2021!!!!

  • Kenzo __
    Kenzo __Dag geleden

    Welcome home bobby 💪🏼🔥🔥

  • Gabriel A
    Gabriel ADag geleden

    No1 on your list, Clinton Correctional Facility 😂 and picture you rollin' 🤣

  • kartik ahluwalia
    kartik ahluwaliaDag geleden

    273k white people disliked this

  • Johan L Abraham
    Johan L AbrahamDag geleden

    @Gl1chmac lol

  • Gl1chmac
    Gl1chmacDag geleden

    Because they couldn’t sing it

  • The T-Cross
    The T-CrossDag geleden

    welcome home back!i know its not the first time you come here

  • Mad Man
    Mad ManDag geleden

    The last time I checked ✔ it was on 500+mil 🤐

  • คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ
    คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบDag geleden

    I 'm my nickname. Hot

  • Jesús Arellano
    Jesús ArellanoDag geleden

    Welcome king bobby