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Brighton duo Royal Blood comprising drummer Ben Thatcher and bassist/vocalist Mike Kerr formed at the beginning of 2013. They quickly made their presence known, with pounding drums and heavily distorted bass guitar defining characteristics of their ferocious blues-rock sound. The band gained many plaudits early in their career, touring with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters, before going on to win Best British Group at the Brits in 2015 receiving their trophy from their musical hero and admirer Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

Their catalogue boasts the Mercury Prize nominated self-titled debut album released in 2014 that spawned hits such as "Out of the Black, "Little Monster:, "Come On Over" and "Figure it Out", as well as their second successive UK number one album "How Did We Get So Dark?" released in 2017 which featured "Lights Out" and "I Only Lie When I Love You".


  • Terry Curtin
    Terry Curtin5 uur geleden

    The drum beat is just so freaking cool. Is it 2 and 4? It does count that way. Shuffle. Someone help.

  • Cleo Cole
    Cleo Cole5 uur geleden

    Never too early for Halloween

  • byRenegadeGTR
    byRenegadeGTR7 uur geleden

    Who's here from the F1 2021 trailer?

    ADREIN LOBBY17 uur geleden

    me: what explicit content ?? also me : oh this is lit tho

  • Shreya Darlami
    Shreya Darlami17 uur geleden

    Toman in the future....

  • Timothy
    Timothy22 uur geleden

    Thai Fooddddddd

  • Jonathan Salinas
    Jonathan Salinas23 uur geleden

    go with the flow video style

  • Mundo Selva
    Mundo Selva23 uur geleden

    wonderful sounding. Inspiration for new duos.

  • JZ
    JZDag geleden

    Seems when you mix rock and an orchestra, you get a disco track. Love it.

  • LA Chêne
    LA ChêneDag geleden


  • SioU
    SioUDag geleden

    Could I use the song for an FPV Video with Kite surfing? Only for the joy of flight :)

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom PattersonDag geleden

    Great vids, keep up the good work. I think you should take a look at promosm it will help you grow your channel!

  • AlwaysFree Id
    AlwaysFree IdDag geleden

    damn i totally missed this for 6 YEARS.

  • sonicvisy
    sonicvisyDag geleden

    visy visy visy

  • sonicvisy
    sonicvisyDag geleden

    solid beat solid counter cool clip

  • Tyler Phillips
    Tyler PhillipsDag geleden

    Be sounds so great on this!

  • Maria Alamo
    Maria AlamoDag geleden

    3:04 top 10 anime battles/kills

  • Bar Woy bar
    Bar Woy barDag geleden

    "give me bad bitches, bad bitches..."

  • Race Tucker
    Race TuckerDag geleden

    This album is absolute fire 🔥 one of my favourites of all time🤟

  • Leonardo Chicago
    Leonardo ChicagoDag geleden

    If you search for similar songs: Nine is God by Wavves

  • Leonardo Chicago
    Leonardo ChicagoDag geleden

    If you search for similar songs: Nine is God by Wavves

  • jen deb
    jen debDag geleden

    As a loyal royal blood fan since 2014 i will like any song even if it strays from the distorion bass and drums formula

  • Dylan V.d Griend
    Dylan V.d GriendDag geleden

    This is a banger

  • Maciel Schatten
    Maciel SchattenDag geleden

    Legal gostei

  • Miss Avenger
    Miss AvengerDag geleden

    Holy crap this is good!!💗🤩

  • Strings
    StringsDag geleden

    Now I want one of those blue jackets

  • Jack Prout
    Jack ProutDag geleden


  • jonny wigs
    jonny wigsDag geleden

    This was absolutely epic at Tramlines last night 🤘

  • Tam G Smith
    Tam G SmithDag geleden

    Love when rock mixes with a groovy, kind of disco beat. Good vocals. Makes sense Joshua Homme got involved with them.

  • The Chimken
    The Chimken2 dagen geleden

    yeah its just f1 fans nothing interesting

  • ILoveFishyx
    ILoveFishyx2 dagen geleden

    I'm so glad Codemasters used one of your songs so I could see this.

  • omg i love lamps
    omg i love lamps2 dagen geleden

    How many is from NHL 21?

  • Rodrigo Westphalen
    Rodrigo Westphalen2 dagen geleden

    Pewdiepie shirt be like, bruh

  • Stoney Markham
    Stoney MarkhamDag geleden

    @Rodrigo Westphalen Thank you for clarifying; I have autistic tendencies sometimes, but have not yet been diagnosed by a professional due to the appalling lack of access to proper full mental evaluations in the state of Arkansas.

  • Rodrigo Westphalen
    Rodrigo Westphalen2 dagen geleden

    @Stoney Markham JK, because of the red & black patern on the shirt. Also, they're from Brighton, it would be funny if Mike was a 9yo.

  • WholeWizard
    WholeWizard2 dagen geleden

    Ayo! any #F1gang here?

  • King918
    King9182 dagen geleden

    F1 xbox

  • Ben Chater
    Ben Chater2 dagen geleden

    Tramlines anyone?

  • lucious
    lucious2 dagen geleden

    They were amazing!

  • TheJuandenova Ssss
    TheJuandenova Ssss2 dagen geleden

    That is so wack

  • Alan LM
    Alan LM2 dagen geleden

    When he say "Uh", bro i really feel that

  • Ghost Boy
    Ghost Boy2 dagen geleden

    FIFA players who started to listen to Royal Blood because of FIFA 21 coming

  • ii0vanilla_cream0ii
    ii0vanilla_cream0ii3 dagen geleden

    I hope no rabbits got harmed in the making of this

  • Jynxed Koma
    Jynxed Koma3 dagen geleden

    3:34 - 3:53 🔥🔥🔥

  • ﹋ 「🖇️𝔤𝔞𝔩𝔦」
    ﹋ 「🖇️𝔤𝔞𝔩𝔦」3 dagen geleden

    Arte pura

  • ﹋ 「🖇️𝔤𝔞𝔩𝔦」
    ﹋ 「🖇️𝔤𝔞𝔩𝔦」3 dagen geleden


  • Jynxed Koma
    Jynxed Koma3 dagen geleden

    *You can tell this absolute BANGER is Massive Attack - Angel inspired. What an absolute TUNE!*

  • Margarita
    Margarita3 dagen geleden

    ...and just when I was afraid there'd be no rabbits... 2:21! Phew!

  • S K
    S K3 dagen geleden

    Who here for F1 2021? I love this song

  • S K
    S K3 dagen geleden

    Only to me the singer remembers Norris hahah?

  • Sean Madison
    Sean Madison3 dagen geleden

    Wow, they're trying so hard to sound like Muse. That's sad.

  • n2wha
    n2wha3 dagen geleden

    I listen to this whenever I have trouble coming

  • Lynette Hallett
    Lynette Hallett3 dagen geleden

    Love theses guys

  • sarah porter
    sarah porter3 dagen geleden

    Gs tv brought me here

  • Heath Merz
    Heath Merz3 dagen geleden

    This song fucks!

  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis3 dagen geleden

    If ever there was an album to do the instrumental extras, it's Typhoons. Or the full album like Mastodon did with Crack the Skye.

  • Race Tucker
    Race Tucker3 dagen geleden

    Every Indie/Alt. Rock music video after 2016 be like:

  • Strange Wayfaring Stranger
    Strange Wayfaring Stranger3 dagen geleden

    Royal Blood should tour with Black Pistol Fire.

  • W Strauss
    W Strauss3 dagen geleden

    Makes me want to get my bike running again, renew my endorsement and have some cycle fun !!

  • Strange Wayfaring Stranger
    Strange Wayfaring Stranger3 dagen geleden

    This feels like a Tales from Borderlands season 2 song ha.

  • Qokas Dvp
    Qokas Dvp3 dagen geleden

    Como cuando when

  • Hakim Jelassi
    Hakim Jelassi3 dagen geleden

    I dream of this level of video-skill and moreover this level of creativity 👌

  • Aldair xd
    Aldair xd3 dagen geleden

    FIFA BROS❤⚽️

  • the_fr0ggod
    the_fr0ggod3 dagen geleden

    f1 yes

  • Lilyomtm
    Lilyomtm3 dagen geleden

    here from dirt 5.......great song

  • Don Wiznuk
    Don Wiznuk3 dagen geleden


  • I Am The Marble
    I Am The Marble4 dagen geleden

    No way this was seven years ago

  • I Am The Marble
    I Am The Marble4 dagen geleden


  • Arctic Killers
    Arctic Killers4 dagen geleden

    Best Song Ever

  • Michael Schumacher
    Michael Schumacher4 dagen geleden


  • pmbear
    pmbear4 dagen geleden

    Liam Lynch videos = big win for Royal Blood. I love his work, and so should you. More of these videos please RB, they are simply awesome.

  • Ganapathy subramanian
    Ganapathy subramanian4 dagen geleden

    Since when did codies have such good music taste

  • S K
    S K4 dagen geleden

    Only to me the singer remembers Norris hahah?

  • S K
    S K4 dagen geleden

    Who here for F1 2021? I love this song

  • S K
    S K4 dagen geleden

    FIFA? Hahaha

  • Ash
    Ash4 dagen geleden

    what happens when you write a good line then base an entire song off of that line but your also a really fucking good song writer

  • Andy1224
    Andy12244 dagen geleden

    Anyone from F1 2021?

  • Juan Manuel Hernández
    Juan Manuel Hernández4 dagen geleden

    Liam lynch did a pretty good fucking job with both videos, just eye pleasure, my eyes needs another Liam lynch video!

  • pmbear
    pmbear4 dagen geleden

    This high contrast black white and red stuff is just awesome. Visually stimulating and love the choreographed movements…

  • Unity Master
    Unity Master4 dagen geleden


  • Martin LeBreton
    Martin LeBreton4 dagen geleden

    They rock, saw them live opening for the foo fighters. They got a Lemmy kind of vibe

  • Chatter Catt
    Chatter Catt4 dagen geleden

    I adore these recent styles of music videos!

  • _MxS_
    _MxS_4 dagen geleden

    What sort of Visual Art/Editing Software can produce this sort of thing? Any advice anyone?