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  • Joel LaPointe
    Joel LaPointe16 minuten geleden

    Best coached and executed game in the Herdman era! From back to front they played heads up football... Buchanon, Eusta are the real deal...

  • J H
    J HUur geleden

    No, he isn’t.

  • David Tremblay
    David Tremblay2 uur geleden

    Canada was concacafed

  • Vince Rogers
    Vince Rogers2 uur geleden

    Who cares lets enjoy how much a revaluation he's been can't wait to see them all on the pitch at the same time looks good for September 🇨🇦🇨🇦🤟Come on Tomori come home we need you

  • Mike F
    Mike F4 uur geleden

    I’ve been so happy with my one soccer subscription. Watching the growth of the Canadian mens team in particular has been a total positive. Something special going on. Love the CPL too

  • Mike F
    Mike FUur geleden

    @J H Lol yeah for sure but my pirating days are behind me I’m in a position where I can support them

  • J H
    J HUur geleden

    You know there’s a million different website you could stream the game for free from, and you wouldn’t need a garbage OneSoccer subscription?

  • S Dot
    S Dot4 uur geleden

    Sick of people complaining this isnt on TSN/RSN/CBC. Its so clear that these networks did not give a SHIT about Canadian soccer. They will grow a following this way with younger fans that they will never find on traditional networks. Most sports is heading to streaming anyway....stay ahead of the curve.

  • Stephen Lisson
    Stephen Lisson4 uur geleden

    A way better performance than the Haiti game. Canada deserved at least a tie. The Americans weren't even in the match, especially the second half.

  • Stephen Lisson
    Stephen Lisson4 uur geleden

    After all those comments after the Haiti game and yes, we didn't play all that well, it was great to see these lads step up when they had to. Costa Rica is a pretty formidable opponent in this region. They seem to make it to a lot of World Cups. For this depleted Canadian squad to dominate in this game, shows you that Herdman and CO. has Canada heading in the right direction. Well done lads.

  • ban Francis
    ban Francis5 uur geleden

    Canada have a lot of work to do they hold the ball more especially when they have the lead

  • luis chch
    luis chch6 uur geleden

    If this Game was playera 4 years ago i would really be impresed since ay That time costa rica was a very good team, but today costa rica isn't a shadow of what it was. Saying this does not mean that Canadá is not a good team, but Canadá should face trans that is actually more competitives as Honduras, Jamaica, México, un order to proof Itself that it really has reached a great level of competitivenes un concacaf

  • Tosin Fodeke
    Tosin Fodeke7 uur geleden

    I dont like the question. Sounds weird

  • Ricky Almeida
    Ricky Almeida7 uur geleden

    Like o said he is the maestro in midfield I watch him as captain of u 21 of Portugal I've followed him in chaves he is an amazing talent and happy he is in Canada and its Portugal lose he is important to canada in that midfield and hope he stays in pacos Ferreira as pro and napoli want him also braga will a better move for him as he would be important for them he is a starter in my eyes but he is a special talent and so happy for him força eustachio

  • tyy123
    tyy1237 uur geleden

    Gareth Wheeler cracked me up 😂😂😂 with the horse 🐎 thing 😂 😂😂

  • Kevin
    Kevin7 uur geleden

    I could have sworn it was "Lah-rey-ah"... so who is "Lah-ee" or is that on purpose? lool

  • Graham Giancola
    Graham Giancola8 uur geleden

    The recurring horse jokes tho 🔥😂🐎

  • Vitorino Esteves
    Vitorino Esteves8 uur geleden

    wow no comments

  • DAvId SUn
    DAvId SUn8 uur geleden

    Eustaquio is the best

  • Levi Oakey
    Levi Oakey8 uur geleden

    Listed a lot of attackers but Kamal Miller has been incredible as well.

  • An Other
    An Other8 uur geleden

    One win over Costa Rica in a "C" level tournament and you're basking in it? How typically Canadian!!!.

  • Chad Tremblay
    Chad Tremblay32 minuten geleden

    @J H agreed with the announcerd...but struggled vs Haiti? When? Maybe the first game away in PoP but with the conditions of the game and everything surrounding it, it's no surprise. The other 2, outside the 1st 10-15m of each game, it went pretty much like how it went vs CR

  • J H
    J HUur geleden

    No, kids. We didn’t beat Costa Rica’s “A team”. It was almost exclusively their second squad on the pitch for their match against Canada. The ref wasn’t bribed or paid off in the US game, and the US fielded mostly second squad players as well. We struggled against Haiti during WC Qualification, and got extremely lucky to have beat them. Canada still has a long way to go and the Gold Cup is a piss poor tournament, where most big teams don’t even include their first squad players in the team. Also, we need to get rid of the losers who do all the announcing for Canada’s games; they’re shit, and they sound ridiculous with their twangy, nasally voices.

  • Jefferson Steelflex
    Jefferson Steelflex5 uur geleden

    that's Costa Rica's best team though... and yaaa Canada is located in the Concacaf region how tf is that our fault. This man's is bored and wants to hate with his dull life

  • John Davis
    John Davis5 uur geleden

    Sounds like jealous talk...

  • Amitav Jain
    Amitav Jain7 uur geleden

    We'd have beat the US as well.. that is, if the referee wasn't paid off. Not to mention, we beat a mostly full strength Costa Rica with our B/C team. We subbed on our FIFTH choice striker, who will have to play against Mexico A next round, because Cavallini is suspended, David didn't come, and Larin and Akinola are injured. I'd bet you're American and I would only tell you to not get so cocky. We're beating you with our A team, at home, in the dead of winter. Enjoy the sludge.

  • Bean Plays
    Bean Plays9 uur geleden

    He is not even Atiba Level lmao.

  • Ryan Online
    Ryan Online20 minuten geleden

    I think his play has passed Atiba. Atiba is late 30’a now

  • Amitav Jain
    Amitav Jain7 uur geleden

    He will be by the time he retires.

  • CollectorCole
    CollectorCole9 uur geleden


  • Jack Bilo
    Jack Bilo9 uur geleden

    I would say he's more important. There is no replacement with even half the talent in midfield. Buchanan can replace Davies and akinola and Larin can replace David.

  • Vince Rogers
    Vince Rogers2 uur geleden

    Davies is the best left wing back in the world Buchanan is good but not at that level

  • John Davis
    John Davis5 uur geleden

    It is easily to say versus Costa Rica; but it is Alphonso who initiated giving the Canadian team the offensive confidence that Canada has never had before. I would wait and see how Alphonso leads once again in the World cup qualifiers versus better competition before discounting his value. Alphonso is still, as they said, "the jewel" and Jonathan David is 2nd. Having said that, these other players, including Buchanan, are very important players and it looks like thet will be competing for most important player, which is great news for Canada!

  • GregHandsome
    GregHandsome14 uur geleden

    We finaly have a world class team. I like this team selection a lot

  • buqoi qihou
    buqoi qihou14 uur geleden

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  • jezusghoti
    jezusghoti16 uur geleden

    Yoooo we are going to the World Cup

  • Dhika Manurung
    Dhika Manurung17 uur geleden

    Just don't be satisfied yet and still down to earth just because 1 moment or a tournament. Football is always about long journey, there is no shortcut to have great achievement. Keep hard working and always confident in every match.

  • Alejandro V.
    Alejandro V.18 uur geleden

    ¡Vamos Canadá(🇨🇦-⚽️), we can pull this upset through on Thurs. and garner more respect in Concacaf & beyond!!!!🙏🏿

  • icebreaker
    icebreaker19 uur geleden

    Go united

  • Alejandro V.
    Alejandro V.19 uur geleden

    ¡Buenaza aí Junior, let's go for more on Thurs. we can do this, lmfao!!!!🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • Derry Kole
    Derry Kole21 uur geleden

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  • Juan Pablo Montoya
    Juan Pablo Montoya21 uur geleden

    I’m really hyped for this team. Even without the injured players they are lightning. If they do amazing in this gold cup and I can’t wait to see davies, david and Milan Borjan to up ⬆️ our game to dominate concacaf.

  • Joe Obiden Bama
    Joe Obiden Bama21 uur geleden

    Well, Steven Vitoria is out because of too many yellow cards. So I think the Canadians will struggle against Mexico. The defense is Canadas weakest spot. They need to get more players with quality in that area.

  • Al Val
    Al ValDag geleden

    I can't get over the commentator calling Canada "Keteda" :P

  • Chris Tian
    Chris TianDag geleden

    Just a matter of time until Canada makes the World Cup.

  • DeeKay
    DeeKayDag geleden

    1:30 if this had gone in, it could’ve been a genuine contender for best goal of the year… the build up and the amount of players styling is incredible

  • sernagetic
    sernageticDag geleden

    Very surprised with this Canadian team Good luck on the qualifiers greetings from 🇲🇽

  • Mr. Glizzy
    Mr. GlizzyDag geleden


  • Juan Bravo-Estrada
    Juan Bravo-EstradaDag geleden

    I see many people saying this or that but they are only commenting with their pride. It will be a very difficult game that I do not see Canada winning. It’s not impossible but we need to be realistic. Maybe with a full and healthy squad, we’d have a better chance, but this Mexican team has been playing together for ages and tbh have a better overall team than CanMNT. Canada hasn’t really played a team that handles the ball like Mexico and plays with possession. Canada will be on the counter and that’s where they need to study and try to study their weakness (aerial threats on set pieces)-Only way I see Canada putting in any goals versus Mexico. Crepeau is going to have a game like he’s never had before - god bless him lol

  • Juan Bravo-Estrada
    Juan Bravo-Estrada23 uur geleden

    @PVP Legendario cool story

  • PVP Legendario
    PVP Legendario23 uur geleden

    México no sólo va a violar a Canadá, los va humillar, Canadá no existe, México padre de Canadá desde siempre, viven y viviran bajo la sombra de tu padre México eternamente. Saludos jajajaja

  • MandoGuerrero2
    MandoGuerrero2Dag geleden

    Afraid? no. Accepting of defeat? Yes. Canada are firmly in the top 3 now.

  • Mario Fernandez
    Mario FernandezDag geleden

    The best analysis in Canada about any soccer competition

  • IcyRea
    IcyReaDag geleden

    Cavallini for Canada: 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Cavallini for whitecaps: 🗑🗑🗑🚮🚮🚮

  • MandoGuerrero2
    MandoGuerrero2Dag geleden

    Total domination. The days of third world countries beating Canada are over.

  • PVP Legendario
    PVP LegendarioDag geleden

    Pero te toca México, así que ya vayan haciendo sus maletas, ya casi es momento de ir a casa. Saludos desde tu padre México, vives y vivirás siempre a la sombra de tu padre México.

  • Juan Bravo-Estrada
    Juan Bravo-Estrada23 uur geleden

    @PVP Legendario 🥱 🥱 🥱

  • PVP Legendario
    PVP LegendarioDag geleden

    @sernagetic México 5 - 0 Canadá

  • PVP Legendario
    PVP LegendarioDag geleden

    @Juan Bravo-Estrada y por molestar no, quién se tome el tiempo de traducir pues es muy su problema, yo escribí en español, no en inglés, o francés.

  • PVP Legendario
    PVP LegendarioDag geleden

    @Juan Bravo-Estrada México no va a crecer por Canadá, México hace que estados unidos y Canadá crezcan, y si ampliamos un poco más el panorama no sólo los hace crecer en lo futbolístico, pero ese ya es otro tema.

  • PVP Legendario
    PVP LegendarioDag geleden

    @Juan Bravo-Estrada jajajaja México jugó en sudamerica genio, y no hubo crecimiento, México desde siempre ha trabajado y ha adquirido el nivel que hoy por hoy tiene, lo que pasa es que los jugadores casi siempre son en términos normales, unos mediocres. No se puede pasar de octavos de mundial desde el 86.

  • icebreaker
    icebreakerDag geleden

    Mexico shouldn’t fear the then there the only team that can just chill

  • icebreaker
    icebreakerDag geleden

    See you Thursday

  • uzim16
    uzim16Dag geleden

    That's encouraging. Plus 2 star players, acting at this level, we can take enough points from Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, Salvador and Honduras.

  • hiyur
    hiyurDag geleden

    I hope Mexico slaps Canada 🤣🤣

  • Jefferson Steelflex
    Jefferson SteelflexDag geleden

    I hope you stay lonely for the rest of your life

  • xboscarx
    xboscarxDag geleden

    It was a good game but unfortunately the México game will be a reality check. Canada is still really far behind the top programs in the region.

  • Sal Greco
    Sal GrecoDag geleden


  • Alejandro V.
    Alejandro V.Dag geleden

    ¡Vamos Canadá(🇨🇦-⚽️), let's get the upset, no matter how tough it will be!!!🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • Scott Hobbs
    Scott HobbsDag geleden

    Eustaquio has quickly cemented himself as the field general of this squad. When he's on the pitch, there's just better coordination... better scoring chances, better defense... he's a calming force, but at the same time brings up the tempo of the game.

  • Miguel NEET
    Miguel NEETDag geleden

    Canada should be in the top 10 in the world of soccer by now.🙄🤷

  • Soccer Snobs
    Soccer SnobsDag geleden

    Why isn't the red card shown in the highlights? Is that not one of the biggest highlights in a match?

  • Manny Diaz
    Manny DiazDag geleden

    these commentators are a joke

  • Joshua Simmons
    Joshua SimmonsDag geleden

    Relax you just beat Costa Rica

  • Robin Russell
    Robin Russell17 uur geleden

    @Joshua Simmons not everyone I named were in the Scottish League and second division leagues.

  • Joshua Simmons
    Joshua Simmons17 uur geleden

    @Robin Russell I'm not impressed with second division and Scottish league players tbh. No doubt Canada has improved though

  • Robin Russell
    Robin Russell19 uur geleden

    @Joshua Simmons all of canadas best players except for eustaquio are playing in europe right now to

  • Robin Russell
    Robin Russell20 uur geleden

    @Joshua Simmons larin, david, davies, Adekugbe, Kennedy, Eustaquio, vitoria, and soon Buchanan plus some of are subs like hoilet and corbeanu who are all in leagues better then the MLS. Thats 8 out of 11 players on are A teams starting lineup that play in bigger and better leagues than the mls. I include Buchanan because he will be joining juventus very soon. we are missing a good portion of those players in the gold cup but were talking about canadas A team. Since soccer in canada is improving rapidly, im excited about upcoming young players that might get to play in bigger better leagues to essentially replace are older players.

  • Joshua Simmons
    Joshua SimmonsDag geleden

    @sernagetic Nah our B team are guys like Horvath, Richards, Miazga, Aaronson, Weah, Booth, De la Torre, Konrad, etc

  • Saul Preza
    Saul PrezaDag geleden

    very good team, I think is the best one on this cup, we'll the champions

  • Big Speed's
    Big Speed'sDag geleden

    As long as we continue to grow our talent and not worry about where they come from. Canada will shine through but for far too long we played weaker players because of image and lost because of it. Now we are playing our talent and it showing great results. Keep building on our grassroots and don't forget about the little guys.

  • SuperStrik9
    SuperStrik9Dag geleden

    Huge win! Go Canada!

  • Ahmad Alkhalaf
    Ahmad AlkhalafDag geleden

    Canada have been playing really good this tournament and showing a strong character. I believe they can beat Mexico and get to the final. Also I see them at last reaching the World Cup since 1986.

  • Ahmad Alkhalaf
    Ahmad AlkhalafDag geleden

    Canada have been playing really good this tournament and showing a strong character. I believe they can beat Mexico and get to the final. Also I see them at last reaching the World Cup since 1986.

  • Daniel Mcclay
    Daniel McclayDag geleden

    Mom: Clean up your room! Me: Nothing Mom: CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM! Me: 1:47

  • Matthew Rigby
    Matthew RigbyDag geleden

    K, Ohh KAYEEE!

  • J
    JDag geleden

    Canada is now playing with house money. Might as well go for broke, and really show the rest of Concacaf what we’re made of.

  • Alive4metal
    Alive4metalDag geleden

    totally, at this point the boys should just play free, nothing to lose. The main goal now is to push Mexico, win or lose, because now its about sending a message to the rest of CONCACAF.

  • JonT9
    JonT9Dag geleden

    Great performance even without our top players. This team deserves to play some games in front of big, supportive home crowds and with professional announcers instead of this cringey commentating. Can’t wait till the hex in the Fall!

  • stevendchu
    stevendchuDag geleden

    No Davies. No David. No Borjan. No Hutchinson. No Larin. No problem I am so excited for the Octagon to get started so that hopefully I can make it to a game. These boys deserve a home crowd to cheer for them, best team in generations honestly.

  • Stephen Lisson
    Stephen Lisson5 uur geleden

    No Arfield as well.

  • Tyler Franco Krankdokes
    Tyler Franco KrankdokesDag geleden


  • Don Camilo
    Don CamiloDag geleden

    Why was navas not playing?

  • Nick Chemist
    Nick ChemistDag geleden

    What a performance 🇨🇦

  • Haneef Amusat
    Haneef AmusatDag geleden

    Today I am a proud Canadian 🇨🇦

  • Freddy Andrew
    Freddy AndrewDag geleden

    The commentary guy was annoying

  • Marco Spinelli
    Marco SpinelliDag geleden

    So proud of this program 🇨🇦

  • Shawn Boudreau
    Shawn BoudreauDag geleden

    Great performance with an absolutely decimated lineup, some players like Hoilett and Eustaquio really stepping up

  • fit_man_cam
    fit_man_camDag geleden

    Too bad our major sports networks passed on buying the broadcasting rights to our ever-improving men's soccer team. How much you want to bet they'll be clamouring to pay top dollar to OneSoccer for a piece of the action sooner rather than later?

  • fit_man_cam
    fit_man_camDag geleden

    @Daniel Hernandez It really is insane how hockey focused they are. 90% of the time I flip to them they're analyzing something about it...even now, and it's nearly August 😒

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel HernandezDag geleden

    Absolutely. They'd rather show our embarassing nhl teams lose every year on replay than our basketball or soccer teams. Its such a joke honestly.

  • Forever Knowledgeable
    Forever KnowledgeableDag geleden

    Tesho should have had a second half brace

  • Arkham✔️
    Arkham✔️Dag geleden

    Oh dear there vs Mexico it’s gonna be a good match

  • ceteris paribus
    ceteris paribusDag geleden

    i am so happy i hope they beat mexico!!!!!!

  • S Dot
    S DotDag geleden

    Canada could have won this game 6-0 if they had better luck finishing. Hoillet is playing for a contract. Hopefully someone picks him up.

  • ZekuEtyopia
    ZekuEtyopiaDag geleden

    GREAT GAME BOYS! Proud of this great generation, bring on Mexico. On a sidenote...can someone PLEASE bring in Luke Wileman as a commentator? I can't stand this One Soccer guy with his "make it two! Make it three!" Or the "Oh So Good! Oh Baby!" bullcrap. Literally ruining some golden moments in Canadian soccer history.

  • Bavy
    BavyDag geleden

    This is great, what a game! Go Canada go

  • Zeyu Han
    Zeyu HanDag geleden

    Impressive team effort and great performance! Very happy to see how Canadian soccer has improved drastically these years!

  • Elpidio Nastro
    Elpidio NastroDag geleden

    John Herdman deserves a lot of credit along with the players. Great job boys!

  • Watch Humanity Die
    Watch Humanity DieDag geleden

    Why are they ranked 70 and Costa Rica 30 things need to be changed

  • S Dot
    S DotDag geleden

    FIFA rankings only became Elo based in 2018 so it should get better in the next few years as things figure themselves out based on the new system. If you read about it, when they started the new system they just equally distributed everyone between first and last without consideration to how much better one team was compared to the one ranked directly beneath or above them. It will take some time to sort out as more and more match data becomes available. Also the last ranking was done Pre-Euro (in May) so it hasn’t been updated recently.

  • Bradley Henry
    Bradley HenryDag geleden

    Wouldn't pay too much attention to rankings. They are points accumulated. Mexico is ranked 11th in the world, they are most def not the 11th best team in the world

  • Stefan Jordan
    Stefan JordanDag geleden

    lol that has to change, rank 30 and got poutined by canada without half the top squad?